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The aim of this site is to be full of uplifting, encouraging, educational, useful and life enriching information.  I am SO stoked you have taken the time to come and visit the site!  THANKS!  I want you to know that I think you are amazing, beautiful and full of fantastic potential!  My hope is that by visiting here, it might be the kickstart to you taking the trail less travelled, forging your own special, ordained life journey and suck all you can out of this beautiful life…as I aim to do!

On this site you will find information about running, health, diet, coaching, who I am, my adventures and general good, honest ramblings!  Ripper!

Once again, I thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to visit my site.  I am honoured, privileged and blessed you are here!  Please enjoy, subscribe and love life.

The Tattoo Runner

40 thoughts on “G’day!”

  1. This website is awesome mate. I look forward to seeing all your great adventures. keep up the great work!!!

    1. Thanks Karin. Hope your going well, haven’t heard from you in a little. Keep running strong friend!

  2. Your enthusiasm inspires us we kick off on our 840km pilgrimage on the Camino France/Spain next week with daughters Belinda & Jessica. Thanks Matty.

    1. Thanks heaps guys! Cant wait to hear all about your big adventure! Looking forward to the emails. Stay safe and trudge on!

  3. Your website is looking awesome!!! So good to see you are living life to its fullest, good on ya!!!! Never stop!!!

  4. Hi Mat
    I first heard of you when Coach Jeff mentioned you on his podcast and also that you are vegan which of course is awesome. Nice to have found your blog.
    Look forward to read it. Cheers and have a great weekend !

    1. Hay Thom! Thanks for your kind words bro! Good times! Keep running strong and eaten plants! Top work mate!

  5. Looking forward to following your posts. Your enthusiasm is fabulous. I found you in the spring edition of ONE. Lucky me!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Felicia! Glad you enjoyed the articles and enthusiasm! Have a ripper week!

  6. Great blog! I’m not a vegan, though have amtttpeed once or twice without success (I have an unfortunate addiction to cheese and can’t seem to give up eggs!). Will follow with interest

    1. Thanks for the kind words Erni! Hope you continue to find inspiration and encouragement from the blog….its something I enjoy and it is always great to get some feedback! Keep chasing the dream!

  7. Hey Matt,
    Just checking to hear how you are doing. I spoke to you on the odd occasion yesterday as I ran the 100k course at Nerang. Shouting out go vegan ha ha…. as I was leaving I spoke with Reanna who said you are on the mend. Get well soon mate sorry I could not help you when I stopped to chat. Rest up and recover… cheers Thomas

    1. Thanks for the kind words Thomas! Really appreciate it! I have to get me some Vegan Runners kit! Do you guys do shorts? Super keen! And yep, slowly on the mend after a brief stop over in Robina Hospital! Very dissapointed to pull the pin when I was in the lead. Onward and upward though! Hope you got through all good mate and enjoyed the journey! Congrats and if your interested, follow along my Instagram account at Adventures and Activism to see how The Super Slam progresses! Thanks again!

      1. I can find out but I think it’s just tops. Which is not something that you would be interested in ha ha. Yes I bet you must be very disappointed to pull the pin especially when you looked so strong and in the lead, but I guess there’s always another race which I know you win out there. Will you write to race report for the Nerang 100 miler ? Sure I will check your Instagram account out thanks for passing that on and I will pass it onto the other vegan runners. BTW there were 7 vegan runners all up that we met. Yes I enjoyed my first completed 100 K race it was a tough course but I enjoy tough courses. I came second in the 100k which I am very happy about….

        Look forward to your next race. You will smash it !!!!!

        1. Dude! That is so so awesome! Congrats! Shoot me an email found in my race report (just published) as I would love to be involved with the Vegan Runners crew! Thanks again and massive congrats man! Mat

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