Last chance!

YYYOOO!!!!  What is going on one and all!  How exciting and awesome is life!  Things are absolute madness at the moment but I love it!  Everything is really hotting up for the shop and hopefully my lease will be ready tomorrow…..then the demo begins and fit out!  I am ordering, making phone calls, emailing and making a million lists but it is beautiful!  We are doing all we can to be open by Christmas but it is gonna be a push!  KEEN AS A BEAN!  Well see how we go!

Tomorrow is the last day of November though and the last day of my Go Fund Me campaign.  If you or anyone you might know would like to help an aspiring, passionate entrepreneur get his dream going, please spread the love!  The offer still stands as far as free coffees and 10% donation to Kai’s child sponsor program go, so not only are you helping open ‘The Journey’ you are getting awesome brews and making a difference in some kids lives!  Win win win!

Thanks so very much for your support, love, kind words, encouragement and honesty in helping me chase this dream!  I really can not believe it is happening and I CAN NOT WAIT for the madness to begin…..more like continue!  Go to until tomorrow night!  Much love, peace, plants, love, mindfulness, compassion and adventure!

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