Almost back

10/8 – The last week of training has been a winner.  You could almost say I am back….but we wont get too carried away until I am completely pain free.  But, very positive signs have been experienced!

It has been so so nice doing hours outside instead of minutes.  I have sorely missed the time spent endurance training and the feeling of fatigue brought about by prolonged effort.  This is slowly returning which is awesome.

Something I have noticed also in relation to bike riding and running….longer efforts on the bike induce some deep tiredness in the legs however running brings with it all over soreness and tiredness.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with the pounding on the legs from running or what but it has been an interesting observation.  Thus the reason I stand by running being the best activity for all round fitness and ‘bang for your buck’ as far as time and effort goes.  Running is king.

I have been enjoying all my runs back (even in the stupid cold!) but this mornings outing felt especially good.  I got back to the Cano for the first time and did some hills.  It was nice to work the legs and lungs a little and then roll the pins over on the way home.  Super nice and only some mild soreness in the groin, not pain which is awesome!

So friends, whilst Im not getting ahead of myself, things are surely on the up and up!  Good times!  I hope and pray you have all had a rad week and look forward to catching up again soon.  PEACE!

Friday – 8k run (5.31pace)

Saturday – 1hr bike (24.6k)

Sunday – 10k run (5.23pace)

Monday – 2hr 30min bike (58.4k)

Tuesday – 11k run (5.31pace)

Wednesday – 4hr 30min bike (106k) GOLD!

Thursday – 13k run Cano (5.34pace)

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