Coach and athlete! Love the joy this picture captures!
Coach and athlete! Love the joy this picture captures!

Are you a new runner, ultra runner, want to lose some weight or learn to run?  Do you have an event you want to do but not quite sure how you will get there?  Wanna get fit?

I may just be able to help you out!  I offer individually tailored, honest, challenging and inspiring coaching.  Sometimes we all need a little help and accountability to get where we want to be, and a coach (namely The Tattoo Runner) can help you reach your goals.

If you are keen, interested or just want to inquire more….please contact me direct for more.  Check out the Contact page for details.

Article written by Jody Fisher who I trained to his first ultra marathon and then the Blackall 100k on November 8th, 2014.

Ultramarathon Runner 

So what is an ‘Ultra Marathon’? It’s any running event longer than the standard Marathon (42.195km).  Generally Ultramarathons are 50km, 50miles, 100km or even 100miles but they can really go as far as they want. December 2012, I made a decision to get back on the Fit & Healthy Track.  Certain things in my life weren’t as I’d wanted them, especially my health.  I also wanted to be more of a role model for my two kids. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 98kg.  Now I’m sitting around 78-79kg which I have achieved through a lot of lifestyle changes and working my butt off.

I originally took an interest in Obstacle Course Events such as Spartan Races etc. I also did the Kokoda Grunt which was a 13km Obstacle Race.  I realised that if I was to do this sport, I would have to really work on my running so off I set. Initially I started working on just being able to run 5km straight.

I’m very goal orientated and goals are what keep your motivation going.  So once I did 5km, I wanted to go further. It’s just one step at a time. I started to look into

Ultramarathons and set that as one of my goals to complete  for this year as well as a Marathon. I learnt the hard way running on my own and suffered a few niggly injuries that sidelined me from running for a month here and a month there.  A friend that had run a couple Ultramarathons decided to take on one his mates, a mad long distance runner, as a Coach to help him on his way to doing the Glasshouse 100 (160km) in early September. I decided to also contact him to see if he would coach me too as I really needed some guidance and direction.  Thankfully he agreed and we set-up a twelve week training plan to guide me to my first 50km Ultramarathon that I successfully completed at the end of July. It was actually 51.6km and I ran it in 5 hrs 17 mins. So on that day, I actually achieved two goals – running a Marathon and an Ultramarathon at the same time.

I was due to run the Glasshouse 100km in September but with work commitments; I decided to postpone it and compete in The Blackall 100 – a 100km Ultramarathon being held November 8th and 9th.   I have a fourteen week training plan, and so far all is going well.

Whilst away at work for 2 weeks I still manage to run a total of about 110-120km in those 2 weeks at the beginning and end of my shifts which can get hard, but its good preparation mentally for the challenge ahead. Oh, I’m also on a “Running Streak”! That’s where you run every single day and a minimum of 1.6km a day; I am up to Day 150 and have clocked up 1473.4kms in that time which is just slightly less than 10km a day average.

Good luck Jody!  We’ll look forward to hearing how it all went in next month’s Bulletin!  If you’re interested in finding out more or following Jody, you can find more info on Instagram, the link is 


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