Jan – June 2015

So, I know I am a week late but unfortunately with study, work, training and family, there isn’t a whole lot of spare time these days!  Then, when there is, I just want to let my brain go to mush (like it isn’t all day anyway!)

Last weekend, was Cooks Tour.  If you saw my previous post, I was aiming to do the 50k but due to a sore knee and lack of quality training since Buffalo, I decided to do the 30k with Tegan.  Lucky I did too!  I had the WORST head cold and if I would have done the 50k and pushed myself, it wouldn’t have ended well!

Anyway, the 30k it was and I was pumped!  After a really nice time on the Goldy and Brissy catching up with a couple of Tegs best childhood friends, we headed to the start line together.  After the usual chats with friends, yahooing and talking rott (thats me!), we were off.  Tegs and I started off with Daniel who I did the 50miler there with a number of years ago.  It was really nice to meet up with him again and have a chat.  We formed a nice friendship during that run and have kept in touch since.  After a while we parted ways and Tegs and I kept on keeping on.

She started really strongly and we were keeping a good pace.  We hit the famous Powerlines which she hasn’t done before and subsequently, gave her legs a nice hurry up!  We then head out to Checkpoint 8 and began the Eastern loop there.  It was changed a little and included a cool single track section, but still had a nice solid climb in there which Tegan ‘loved’!  Ha!  Some good hiking!  After this, the majority of climbing was out of the way and it was time to head toward home.

We got to about 23k and Tegs hit the wall….and she got grumpy!  I tried to gently poke her, sorry encourage her along as quickly as she could move but she was more than happy walking for a bit!  I got a few nasty words and as predicted, after a few k’s she came good!  She rallied and we ran it in together smiling and still married!  3hrs 23min and change.

I am super proud of her and even though she wasn’t able to do a lot of training due to poor weather and sickness, she did really well!  It was a really fun thing to do together and it was our first joint event!  What a legend!

Since the race I have continued to train strongly and whilst my knee is still pretty sore at times, it isn’t getting any worse so onward and upward.  I do have my Run for the Sun title to live up to too!  I hope to blog a little more over the next little while due to uni holidays coming up.  I hope this finds y’all ripper and I hope to catch you soon!  Namaste.


Hay y’all!

Well, I am still here!  Believe it or not!  Sorry I have been laying low and out of the loop for a bit but things have been chugging along and I have kinda lost track of time!  I am still trying to get my head around the outcome of Buffalo and still can not believe what happened!  I’m guessing it will sink in over time.  I have been kinda nonchalant about it all which is nice.  I want to thank you all for your beautiful, kind words about the race…I have been blown away!

Since the race, life has consisted of resting, Uni, normal life and eating….too much eating!  I had a full week off after the race and then went back to running and got some serious pain behind my right knee cap.  Weird.  Turns out it is swelling of the fat pad there and is just taking time to recede.  I have been running on and off the last couple of weeks, logging a few k’s but nothing too hectic.

I had planned on doing the 50k at Cooks Tour this weekend however due to the knee problems and me not feeling like I could give 100% I have decided against it.  The up-side though, is that I have decided to do the 30k with Tegan.  Believe it or not, we have never run an event together so it will be super nice to cruise around with her, have a heap of fun and use it as a bit of a training run.

As far as other training goes, that will be kicking off tomorrow.  I am putting my head down and going to start racking up the milage again in preparation for the Anzac 96k team event I am doing in just under 10weeks.  I am really looking forward to this and have high expectations of our team…no pressure boys!  I am really going to be focusing on my diet over the next couple of months and trying to get in some serious running.  That, along with still wanting to drop some more weight, the next few months will be fun!

As another side point, June is Run For the Sun which I won last year! Basically, it is a really fun event my mate Coach Jeff organises where he encourages everyone to run every day in June with a minimum of a mile (1.6k).  I encourage you all to head over to www.coachjeff.com.au and register!  It’s free and doesn’t matter where you are in the world, get into it and take part!

So that about rounds it up crew!  Things are ticking along, loving life and looking forward to this next block of training!  Hope y’all doing well, loving life and staying warm in this blasted cold weather!  Much love and namaste!!

PS – Oh, and for those of you who don’t know…I cut my dreads off!  Long story but if you head to my Instagram account, TattooRunner, you can get the low down and see how handsome I look!  Cough Cough!  I miss them, but don’t worry, I don’t plan on getting a haircut for a LONG time now!!!!!  Long hair, come at me!


Since Blackall 100, I had a week off and have been keeping a solid training base of between 100-150k a week.  Yesterday was Hares and Hounds, a race I had been looking forward to for a little while and would be the start of my 2015 season.  This would also be a telling sign of where my fitness was for the year ahead and if the hard work I had put in last year was going to pay off this year!

Unfortunately, my wife and girls decided not to come down to this race given its early start (3:30am) and only being able to access one checkpoint.  So, for this reason, I went down with dad and my mate Rod (who crewed me for Coast 2 Kosci).  We were going to be camping at the start line and hanging out with a heap of our trail running friends laughing, telling tall tales and generally having a good time.  Made for a great weekend if you ask me!

We rolled up in Woodford after a nice relaxed trip down and went and kicked back in town for a bit, getting a brew, meeting some locals and catching some great local music.  After, then meeting up with ‘Team Beat Mat Grills’ (yes that is what Meagan and Luke actually called their team!) we head back to the start line to set up and get ready for the night.

After setting up my new tent, we head back to the local pub with a group of us for dinner and some laughs.  I don’t think the chef’s have ever prepared so many vegan meals in one go!  After dinner, it was back to camp for a reasonably early night, ready for our early wake up.

I got in a reasonable sleep, got ready and then head down to the start line to get amongst it.  I registered and then organised my stuff and before I knew it was off and running into the darkness.  For about the first 15-20k, I fell into good rhythm with Jody and Rod, keeping a good clip, and one that I thought might have been a touch fast for the back end of the race.  None the less we kept moving forward and before long, I was off on my own, clicking the k’s off to the turnaround.  I think I reached the turnaround (about 26.5 to 27k) in under 2hr 30min.  Happy with that.  I turned and started heading for home, feeling good and upping the pace a little.  I had thoughts of negative splitting the race but wasn’t sure how the later stages would go.  Time would tell.

As we were returning home, I kept passing people and felt like I was running strong.  It was really evident that I have been racing and training long and that my body and mind were fresh and ready for anything.  I think on the way back I passed about six people, making sure I passed strong and then kept the hammer down.  I continued to run well until about two k from the finish where I started to feel the pinch but kept moving forward reasonably well.

I got to the end feeling really happy with my day, finishing 6th or 7th (not confirmed yet) in a time of 4hr 49min.  Whilst this race is a fair bit shorter than I like (end distance was about 53.5k I believe), I was really happy with how I was able to turn my wheels and compete in the first race of the year.  This has really put me mentally, physically and emotional in a great place for the year ahead.

All the crew I went down with and hung out with did a fantastic job (although Meagan and Luke were NOT able to live up to their team name!) and all should be commended for their awesome efforts on a hot day at the office.

I am now taking a well earned week off training before starting a 12 week hardcore block for Buffalo Stampede…a 75k sky run in Bright Victoria.  I am super motivated and excited for this run and can not wait to get into training for it!

So, Happy New Year everyone!  I hope and pray this finds you well, with new goals, ambitions and adventures for the year ahead!  Go out and get it friends!  Run on, Plant strong.

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