12 Weeks to Buffalo….


9/4 – Today I woke with mixed emotions.  I left Bundy to start my trek down south for The Buffalo Stampede.  I was super excited to be leaving but at the same time really nervous, a little anxious and not looking forward to being away from the girls for so long!  I am so blessed to have them in my life and them being so supportive of all that I do!  Me and my crazy adventures!

My travel went well.  I got up early and drove to Brizzy listening to a heap of Podcasts which was great.  I then got myself to the airport and met up with all the crew heading to Buffalo and also Luke (who I am doing the Movember project with).  It was cool to see him in his transit and get chatting to all the gang about the races ahead.

We had a great flight and a yummy lunch at a cool cafe after Meagan and I picked up our hire car.  We then head to Meagans brothers house and just kicked back, relaxing, laughing and eating good food.  I had a cold nights sleep but a super smooth, enjoyable day!

10/4 – Sky26’er (turned 32.5k’er!)

We woke early to drive out to Bright, about a 3.5 – 4hr drive from Melbourne.  It was a beautiful trip and I was constantly amazed by the prettiness of the area.  Amazing!  We arrived in Bright a bit after 9 and I checked in for the Slam.  Good times!  We then had a little wander round town before heading to the start line a little before 11am.

Before long we were off.  We had a bout 700m running then UP!  And down…then UP!  Oh man!  There was a 4k down hill section in the course but apart from that, pretty much ALL of it was straight up or straight down!  I thought this was going to be a nice little warm up with not too much leg taxing but WRONG!  It beat me up pretty good!  Crazy town!

Once finishing the race I got into the mountain run off stream and it was FREEZING!  Good for the recovery though!  It was then time to check into our accommodation, eat, cook some dinner, relax and get ready for race day Saturday!  Day 1 – DONE!

Result – 32.5km.  4hr 4min 50sec.  1900m gain.


11/4 – Ultrasky Marathon

After a pretty decent sleep last night, it was up early with Meagan and Chris to get ready for the 75k race.  After the stories they had told me, I was getting nervous, but quietly in the back of my head I was thinking, ‘It can’t be as bad as yesterday!’.

My legs felt a little tired but I was keen to get into it!  At 7am, with some decent nerves, we got going.  There was a bit of running at the start and then the climbing begun.  We went up a mountain bike trail for ages then plummeted down a SUPER steep, scree slope before hitting the first aid station.

We then started another long steep climb before another super steep downhill.  We then had some surprisingly nice grade down hill where I could stretch my legs out.  Nice.  I hit the second aid station and continued on, running before another gradual, longish climb.  Another downhill and it was to the base of Mt Buffalo and the main aid station.  I quickly refuelled before starting the 10k march up Mt Buffalo!  Parts of it were pretty darn steep but most of it just good solid hiking grade.  I put my head down and got the job done.  Once reaching the top just shy of two hours, it was a 7k loop with some cool rock scrambling before we started out journey back.

At about the 45k mark, I met up with a guy named James.  He was super nice and we ended up finishing the race together.  Awesome company to find.  We fell in a good rhythm, returning the way we came and meeting another young guy, Matt at about the 60k mark.  The three of us stuck together and worked as a team.  It was great to have their company.

A few of the climbs on the way back were just ridiculous!  A lot of the time I was on hands and feet, crawling a bit then having to stop and breathe!  We slogged on as quickly as we could, running when we were able and enjoyed the time together.  We kept plugging and before long, crossed the finish line together in a fairly decent time!  I was also told I finished second in this race in the Slam so that was awesome!  I was super pumped to have this bad boy done and whilst my legs were a little tired (a little!) it was time to eat, shower, relax and sleep, oh, and get ready to run AGAIN tomorrow!!  I ripped into some good food and before long was in bed, trying to sleep…. DAY 2 DONE!

Result – 75.5km.  12hr 15min 22sec.  4545m gain.


12/4 – Skymarathon

LAST DAY OF THE SLAM!  I woke up after a terrible nights sleep feeling pretty ordinary but not horrible!  What a prognosis!  Best I could ask for I guess!  After eating, hobbling and trying to get the legs moving, I got myself ready and down to the start line for the last race in the Slam.

We kicked off at 7am again and the course was to cover the same track as yesterday, including the loop at the top of Buffalo, just not the return trip (thank goodness!!!)  Once we got going, I actually felt not too bad.  I was tired, but my legs felt ok!  I was hiking similar to yesterday and actually running down hill faster!  The descents weren’t as bad as I remembered the day before which was also awesome!

I enjoyed chatting to people in the first half, getting some good running in when the course allowed it and generally enjoying the last day of this epic journey.

I got to the base of Buffalo and really felt like I had my game face on, running with real purpose.  Meagan was crewing for me and she seemed impressed with how I was going!  I was looking forward to getting into Buffalo for the last time and climbed it in only a slightly longer time than yesterday!  I had the death march cranking!  GOLD!  I arrived at the top of Buffalo to a rousing reception!  I felt like a rockstar!  Crazy!  The commentator also said that I was the clear leader in the overall Slam results!  I couldn’t believe it!

After a quick fuel up, it was off for the final 7k loop where I met up with some other guys and shared the final journey together.  I really lapped it up and felt great, still running as strong, or stronger than yesterday!  I crossed the line, the first ever and overall winner of The Buffalo Slam.  I am STILL in disbelief!  I did some interviews, shook a lot of disbelieving hands and met some of the professional runners!  I hope they didn’t see the stars in my eyes!  I had a quick clean up, got changed and then even got a trophy and some sweet swag as a prize!  Incredible!  We hung around for a short time before having to take off and get Meagan off to the airport to head home.  I tried to sleep but no dice!  My body was still ticking from adrenaline and the last three days antics!

After dropping Meagan off, I went to my sisters, had some yummy dinner and hit the hay.

Results – 42km.  6hr 46min 22sec.  2934m gain.

OVERALL GRAND SLAM RESULTS – 150km, 23hr 6min 34sec, 9379m gain

After the race, I hung out in Melbourne with my sister and her husband for a while.  I got tattooed (good one Grills!), tried to sleep (not very successful), tried to eat (still feel nauseous three days later) and relaxed before heading home on Tuesday.


I am still in absolute disbelief that the weekend just happened and that I won the Slam.  To give you a little perspective, the race had more climbing than if you went from sea level to the top of Mt Everest (obviously not the altitude though).  There were 14-15starters and all but TWO of us pulled out due to the difficulty!  Many many props to Marina who I believe was the only other person to finish!  GOLD!  And….I loved every minute of it!!  I have been getting personal messages from professional runners who I look up to and am going to be on the news tomorrow I believe.  I’m not saying any of this to boast, I just CAN NOT BELIEVE it!  I truly am HUMBLED beyond belief!

A lot of people have asked how I did it, especially coming from one of the flattest towns in Australia.  Here are a few of my reflections.  No matter what, be dedicated to your training!  Improvise (go up and down, round and round one hill a million times if you have to….like me!), do what you have to to simulate what you are going to be doing.  Compensate in other ways – I focused on high milage.  Be committed, determined and never ever doubt you are going to finish!  A fair chunk of Grills Grit goes a long way too!

A major factor to my success I believe is my diet.  A plant based, vegan diet allows the body to recover quicker in training (and in this case racing), helps you feel lighter and enables your body to burn clean fuel.  I have absolutely no doubt that eating this way has been a MAJOR factor to my success over the last couple of years.  If you want to know anything about transitioning or going plant based, let me know and Ill give you a hand!

LAstly, believe in yourself!  NEVER let anyone tell you you can’t do ANYTHING!  If you want something, you go get it and don’t let anyone stand in your way!  I feel privileged and honoured to have taken this journey and heck, am blessed I can even run to the corner cause some can’t or won’t!  You are amazing, you can achieve your dreams and its only YOU who is stopping you!  Be encouraged, contact me if you need any help or motivation at all but don’t get to the end of today and wish you would have started your dream!  Go get it!

Last thought…

As a result of this adventure, I have been offered a sponsored spot in The Anzac race on the Gold Coast Hinterland in July.  I am super pumped to be part of the the Wild Earth Team (they are also the events sponsors).  I will be part of a four man team, working together to get the job done, 96k with nearly 5k of elevation I believe!  Bring it!

Much love y’all!  Thanks for reading, have a rad day, contact me about anything if you need to and have a ripper day!  Slam ON!



Week 12

Day 78 – 6/4

Run – 8k.  Nice easy run with the girls.  Tapering fun.  45min 55sec.  Average – 5.43min p/km

Man, school holidays are rocking us a bit!  Today (and yesterday) have been rough with Pria (and Corlè at times) pushing all the buttons and being really naughty.  We are trying to do plenty with them and keep them occupied but not being at school has thrown her routine!  Tough going!  Anyway, all learning is good learning!

We had an absolutely beautiful run this morning!  One of the best mornings I remember in a while.  Gold!  I then got stuck into some more study before taking the kids to the park so Tegs could have some sanity!  Ha!  After lunch it was more study then a bike ride down the the Turtle playground for a play and catch up with Nix and Andrew.  After leaving here it was home and the usual routine and the kids to bed!  Then RELAX!  Ugh!

Days like today get tough but what will be will be!  We will battle on!  It has been good getting plenty of study done as I am trying to get ahead before I leave for Buffalo on Thursday!  Much to organise and I want to be able to relax while there and not stress about study.  I am well ahead which is great!  Stoked.

I can not believe race day is FRIDAY…well the first one anyway!  Super keen and excited to start this new little (or big I guess!) challenge!  Bring it on!

Day 79 – 7/4

Run – 6k.  Just a nice little cruise….getting pumped for the weekend!  33min 20sec.  Average – 5.33 min p/km

Flippen hectic day!  Study, work, family time, catching up with friends, hanging out and loving life!  Beautiful!

Day 80 – 8/4

Run – 4k.  Last hurrah!  Last little outing with the girls before the big show begins!  Bring it on!  23min 40sec.  5.55min p/km.

Well tonight is my last night at home before heading off early tomorrow morning.  I have been so flippen excited all week and I am now getting super nervous!  This weekend is going to be amazing!  Poor Pria has been saying all day how sad she is and how it won’t be the same without me here.  Then at bed time she started crying cause she was so sad.  Ohhhh…sad face!

I got an email from the race organiser today and due to fires, they have changed the course for friday and thrown in an extra 3-4k and another little bit of climbing.  No worries!  HA!  For those who forget what this saga is all about and the reason for the nerves, heres whats up!

Friday – 30k, Saturday – 75k and Sunday – 42k….oh and 9000m of climbing over the three events!!!!  Thats higher than Everest peeps!  Plus a fair amount of super technical footing, I can not wait!

This is going to be a new, hardcore challenge.  From messaging the organiser today it sounds as though there is 13-14 other mental cases doing the Slam so I will be doing my absolute best to place as high as I can!  Bring it on!

I am posting this tonight as my next blog will be lengthy and about the whole weeks events.  I just want to thank you all for the support and kind words you have offered along the way!  If your keen, I will be doing my best to post on social media so follow along!

Bless your heart kids, have  a ripper end of the week, send me plenty of positive vibes and prayers and Ill see ya on the other side!


Week 11…

Day – 71 – 30/3

Run – 10k.  Windy little shakeout.  Legs and belly feeling much better.  Watch froze.  52min 44sec.  Stepper – 10min.

Well, today was pretty straight forward.  Run, kid drop off, study, kid pick up, arvo tea/bake, cook dinner, kids bed, relax!  Ha!

Although that might sound pretty boring and straight forward to most, these days are so nice.  Even though they are ‘run of the mill’ these days, it is the everyday activities that make me happy!  Study is going great and I also got to see Pria get another award on parade today.  She is going so so well!  A nice, easy, blessed day!

Day 72 – 31/3

Run – 18k.  Only had scheduled 16k but ended up with 18k and 10 grass hill repeats.  This will be my last ‘effort’ run before race day!  Taper officially begins!  1hr 41min 49sec.  Average – 5.38min p/km.  Elevation gain – 196m gain.

Today was another one of those run of the mill days….see yesterday! I got up early, studied for a bit then run the hummock.  This run ended up being longer than planned but a nice morning on the hill.  Taper time!  I then basically studied all day with some interruptions but other wise a good day at the books.

The arvo saw us head out for a coffee, I did the lawns and then just relaxed at night.  A good day.

Tomorrow marks April 1.  Crazy!  April fools day and as usual, some big plans on my end.  Secret Secret!  HA!  Can not wait!  Things are travelling really nicely at the moment and I am starting to get my mind dialled for the big three races coming up.  Getting pumped!

Day 73 – 01/4

Run – 5k.  Ran in the beginnings of a nice little storm.  Pretty fresh but nice running.  27min 9sec.  Average – 5.26min p/km

Today was great and super productive.  As I am tapering at the moment I have been waking up at the same time (4:14am), studying for a while and then running.  I got flippen wet on my short trot today but was still nice!  I then did the kid drop off and it was hammering down rain!  Epic!  I then put in some good study time and got a fair chunk of one of my assignments done.  Feels good to be working through my uni work pretty well.  Getting back into the full swing of things is great.

After doing the pick up it was usual arvo madness (make lunches, dishes, get dinner organised, bath the kids etc etc) then it was off to the Prep-Grade 2 disco.  Oh, so fun!  I took Corlè too and they girls had a blast!  Great time!  I have really been enjoying being a dad of a preppy.  The kids are so good and its fun getting to know different families.

It was a nice rainy day and I actually had jeans and a jumper on today!  What the heck?!  The heat just disappeared!  Must be getting  me ready for Buffalo!  Yes!

Food/drink journal – Nice crew, (nine bananas, pear, coconut water, seven dates, cinnamon, two brazil nuts, pepitas), coffee, Nice cream (seven bananas, grapes, apple, baby spinach, coconut water, carob, seven dates), grapes, At One Food Bar, sweet potatoes, spinach/tomato sauce, olives, cherry tomatoes, corn, coffee x 2, tea.

Day 74 – 2/4

Run – 13k.  Felt light and easy on this mornings outing.  Taper officially begins!  1hr 10min  28sec.  Average – 5.24min p/km

Boohyeah!  Good days, rain days!  Got a nice early run in this morning just keeping the legs turning over quick and then off for an early start at work.  It was a nice constant day but the weather is still pretty ordinary!  Nice and cool though and the rain is stella for my vege garden!  After smashing out some rad coffees I picked the girls up and hung out at home in the arvo.

It was one of them afternoons.  I think the girls had a bit of cabin fever and I was just a bit agitated for some reason?  Some days I wish I was more patient and feel like I have so much to learn about parenting!  Every day is a learning day that is for sure!  Anywho!  I made a ripper dinner, loved it, cleaned up and then got the girls to bed!  I have a Podcast tonight with a guy from America so that should be cool and interesting!  Always keen to expand my horizons!

Four days off now for Easter and we have a heap planned with some studying thrown in.  I am keen to get a bit smashed out before heading down to Buffalo.  Hopefully we get some nice weather for the days off.  Much love!

After note – The podast last night with Edgar of La Vida Healthy was so so good!  I really enjoyed it and he asked some nice challenging questions.  I am blessed that he asked me to be on the show and looking forward to subscribing to his channel when its released in the next couple of weeks.

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (seven bananas, two pears, coconut water, water, seven dates, iodine drops, vanilla), dirty chai, Nice cream (seven bananas, blueberries, oats, baby spinach, seven dates, carob powder, seven dates), mocha, four rice cakes w peanut butter and apple, Protein Godess Bowl (Oh She Glows recepie….YUM!), Tea.

Day 75 – 3/4 – Good Friday

Run – 10k.  Pretty steady 10k this morning.  Super strong wind pushing the pram!  UGH!!  57min 32sec.  5.45min p/km pace.

Today we remember Jesus dying for us.  Its a day of reflection and contemplation.  A special day for our family.

I started the day (after a ordinary sleep!) with some study and then a super windy 10k with the girls!  It is tough pushing the pram in that wind with two kids in it!  I then spent some more time studying and then mum and dad came round for a easter lunch before they head off the the coast for the weekend.  It was a nice time and just relaxed and enjoyed the time.  It was then a little more study before a walk to the beach, nice dinner and then relax.

The girls were in a mood again this arvo and pushed the buttons.  Im hoping and praying that all school holidays aren’t going to be like this!  Ugh!  These little things are all about learning and growing with the challenges so well be right!  Overall a good, enjoyable day and I reckon Ill sleep well tonight!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (10 bananas, two brazil nuts, pepitas, vanilla, three madjool dates, carob powder, iodine drops), coffee, Crowd Pleasing Vegan Cesar Salad (YUM), homemade dark choc easter treats, hot carob, coffee, grapes, potato, bean and broccoli burritos, cereal w blueberries.

Day 76 – 4/4

Run – 15.1k.  Easy cruise.  Legs felt heavy and seemed like I was going slow but ended up with a good average speed.  Freshening up that is for sure!  1hr 19min 59sec.  Average – 5.17min p/km.

Good times today!  Started with a nice run.  I can always tell when I am tapering as I felt like I was slacking today and taking it easy, with heavy legs, but when I got home my average speed was good!  Freshening up thats for sure!  Come on Buffalo!

The day saw traditional pancakes Saturday and then some study.  After this it was some study and then into town to check out a new cafe City Elements.  The coffee was good but it was SUPER busy and we didn’t like the layout of the shop so that was a downer.  Otherwise good!  They will do well I think.  Then we head home for some lunch and a bit more study.  Tough going this arvo for some reason.

This arvo we head to Dean and Amy’s place for dinner.  Tegs has got to know Amy through cutting her hair and I know them both from high school where they were sweethearts.  It was awesome to see them again and meet their four kids.  We had a beautiful dinner that Amy prepared and great conversation.  A really nice night.  It was then home, relax and bed.  A busy day!

Food/drink journal – Pancakes with berries and maple syrup, latte, leftover vegan caesar salad, coffee, hot carob, smoothie (two bananas, madjool dates, soy mylk, coffee, vanilla, ice), pumpkin soup, home made sour dough bread, salad, brownie, left over pancakes w PB&J, Tea)

Day 77 – 5/4 – Easter Sunday

Run – 10km.  Easter morning bliss.  Beautiful run with the family and the kids wishing everyone a Happy Easter.  Lovely way to start the morning.  58min 37sec.  Average – 5.50min p/km.

Today was a great day for Easter, when we remember Jesus raising for us!  Beautiful day!  I started out with some study and then we all went for a run together.  Was a beautiful morning out.  After this it was home, relax and then to church.  It was a nice service for the special day and then it was home for us.  We had a easy arvo with me studying and the rest of the crew resting and sleeping!  In the arvo after a nice little storm we went for a walk down to the beach and had a wonder round.  It really is a blessing having a beach 5min walk away!  Amazing!  After a nice dinner it was just relaxing and taking it easy.  The end of another week with tomorrow being the start of race week!  Bring it on!  Have to start getting organised I guess!  GOLD!

This week – 81.3k.  7hr 27min.  257m gain.


Week 10…

 Day 64 – 23/3

Run – 15k.  Recovery leg turnover.  Easy recovery run today in the sandies.  Temp was cooler and enjoyed the beautiful morning.  1hr 21min 44sec.  Average – 5.26min p/km.  Stepper – 15min.

Today was a good day.  I had a nice run this morning and then after getting ready, head to school to see Pria get her Student of the Week award on parade.  So so very proud of her!  She is really excelling at school!  What a champion.

After this, I came home and got into some study.  Was pretty productive and had a good day.  The arvo was the usual madness of hanging out with the kids (after pick up), chilling at home and dealing with emotional toddlers after a big day.  After a yummy dinner it was relaxing time.

I had a nice day today.  Days like this are always kinda ‘run of the mill’ now but the way life is for us at this stage…..and I love it.  Blessed and I will sleep good tonight.

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (seven bananas, two fruits, three madjool dates, coconut water), coffee, Nice cream (eight bananas, blueberries, spinach, coconut water, iodine drops, three madjool dates, fig), dragon fruit, grapes, two mocha coffees at home, left over cauliflower base pizza, sweet potato, rainbow chard, corn, tea, cereal, At One Food bar and Smooch Bar.

Day 65 – 24/3

Run – 5k.  Dark niceness.  Nice 5k in the dark before going to help dad at work.  28min 17sec.  Average – 5.39min p/km.

Is there anything more refreshing and cleansing for the soul than going to the beach and taking a dip in the beautiful ocean?  That is what my afternoon entailed and it was magic!  Beautiful day!

Rewind to the morning and it was busy!  I snuck in a quick run before going to give dad a hand pouring another slab.  Then it was home and my head was in the books.  Good fun.  We caught up  with some friends in the arvo before our first ‘Parent, Student, Teacher’ interview.  Pria again shone with only a few things to work on.  So so proud of her!  What a champion.

The rest of the day was pretty cruisy and enjoyable.  Nice movie at night, hanging out and enjoying life.  God, life and all is blessing my existence so much at the moment!  Let the good times roll!

Day 66 – 25/3

Run – 18k.  Hummock sesh.  One big loop and 10x grass repeats (run one hike one).  Good morning out.  1hr 14min 15sec.  5.34min p/km.  201m gain.

Day 67 – 26/3

Run – 5k.  Pre-dawn trot.  Snappy 5k before heading to work and opening up at 6a.  28min 12sec.  Average – 5.38min p/km.

What the heck!?  I completely forgot to blog the last two days!  I am writing this early hours of the morning on the 27th!  Things have been pretty busy and I don’t know why, I just have forgot to blog!  Nothing deliberate, just panned out that way!

Wednesday was a good morning training and then one of study, organising the family, relaxing and all the usual.  Standard, good blessed day.  It is funny these days…when I say I have a ‘standard’ day,, these days are so so nice and enjoyable.  Whilst there isn’t anything out of the ordinary that happens in them, just the day to day activity of our lives these days are so nice.  We are so happy at this point in our lives.

Thursday was a busy day.  I woke early and run a quick 5k before opening at work at 6am.  We were really quiet to start and then got super busy!  No break, just kicked on through to knock off.  I then got a little study done before going in to the doctors for a check up.  So, to be perfectly hones, I am getting pretty over conventional doctors. Whilst my doctor is fantastic, I am ALWAYS having blood tests and she ALWAYS seems so concerned about minor blips in my blood work that don’t seem to be affecting my every day life.  I am finding the standard western medical system increasingly frustrating!  I REALLY want to find a good naturapath or someone who can assist with my treatment so if anyone can recommend someone (particularly good with getting off medication and replacing them with natural remedies) please let me know!

I then did a little more study, whipped up dinner and had some old friends over for dinner.  It was a really nice relaxing time and apart from the weather being super humid today, all was great!

A lovely day with good eating and good times.

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (seven bananas, pear, apple, cinnamon, coconut and normal water, iodine drops, seven dates),latte, two plumbs, nice cream (two bananas, blueberries, pineapple, coconut water, three madjool dates, carob powder), rainbow chard, two bananas, coffee, Mexican bean and rice casserole with guocamole, three rice cakes with PB&J, Tea.

Day 68 – 27/3

Run – 16k.  Easy run this morning.  Beautiful run but that humidity is sticking around.  1hr 30min 21sec.  Average – 5.39min p/km.  Stepper – 10min.

Man, today was hectic and still hot and humid!  What the heck is up with this weather near the end of March?!  Ugh!  After the usual busy morning and a cool little trot it was to school drop offs and then study until pick up.  It was hard going today.  Whilst some things happened easy I got bogged down in one of my assignments and couldn’t get through.  All good.  Ill live to fight another day.

This afternoon Pria and I went and got some new seedlings for the vege garden and then grabbed Corlè.  We all then planted, watered and had a good afternoon.  Nice times  After a top arvo and dinner it was relaxing before the weekend.

It was a nice day and looking forward to a busy weekend ahead!  Good times.

Food/drink journal – Nice crew, (10 bananas, three madjool dates, coconut water, iodine drops, two brazil nuts, vanilla), nectarine, coffee, rainbow chard, two sweet potatoes, home made hommous, three rice cakes with PB and banana, mocha, coffee, split pea and vege soup, hot carob, three rice cakes with PB&J.

Day 69 – 28/3

Run – 26k.  Heavy legs.  Man, I felt it from the onset today!  Dont think I carbed up enough yesterday.  Got the job done though!  2hr 26min 39sec.  Average – 5.38min p/km.

After this mornings rough little run, we had a pancake breakfast and head into town for a massage.  It was nice to get some kinks loosened up before the big races in two weeks!  I then head back home, relaxed for a little and then off to work.  That all went well but man, at about 4pm I had some grapes and a coffee and I had severe stomach cramps from then on!  I thought I was going to vomit a few times, I kept feeling like I needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t. I was in a fair chunk of pain but managed to battle though.  A rough night and I even had to take some panadol which I hate!  Dont know why I felt so stink but man it sucked!

Food/drink journal – Two GU gels and electrolyte drink, pancakes, berries and maple syrup, latte, nice cream (10 bananas, pear, coconut water, three madjool dates, vanilla), grapes, latte, split pea and vege soup with two toast with avocado, peppermint tea.

Day 70 – 29/3

Run – 5k.  29min 18min.  Struggle street.  Super rough belly after something going wrong yesterday arvo with my insides.  This was all I could manage!  29min 18sec.  Average – 5min 50sec.

Man, what a rough night!  I didn’t get much sleep as it is due to finishing work late and waking early for a run.  I was up and down all night with my stomach feeling super bad and at one point nearly vomiting.  Oh man, so so sucky!  I still woke up early to run 15k but man I could only manage 5k!  My belly still wasn’t good!

After this I went to do a few hours in a new cafe which was nice and super relaxing!  I then come home for a quick stop before heading into town with Pria on a date!  We went to see a free council screening of We Bought a Zoo.  Oh I love that movie so much!  I have seen it a few times and every time nearly cry a few times through!  Pria did really well watching it too only getting a bit restless at the end!  So nice.

After the movie we head home and had a relaxing night in.  A big day!  The world cup final was on too so it was good to watch that!  All round, a ripper weekend and very quickly approaching race weekend!

This weeks totals – 90km.  8hr 24min.  269m gain.

It has been a bit of a tough week, but at the same time great!  Funny how that can happen!  We got the news that my sister has a blod clot in her brain which was hectic!  They are treating it with medication and she is now back at home.  She is having regular home visits by a nurse and some specialist appointments but we are praying she will make a quick and full recovery.   We also found out that our tenants are moving out of our rental property which sucks!  So if anyone knows anyone looking for a new four bedroom house in Kalkie Bundaberg let me know!

Life throws us curve balls at times and it is all about negotiating these as the come, learning, growing and moving on.  Life’s most important lessons seem to be learnt that way.

Much love y’all, have a super week!


Week 8…

Day 50 – 9/3

Run – 10k – recovery…Man, I woke up feeling wrecked this morning.  I was nearly not going to run but decided to head out for an easy 10k.  Went ok, just real steady.  58min 2sec.  Average – 5.48min p/km.  Stepper – 20min

Weigh in – 79.5kg.

This mornings weigh in was not too bad.  I thought I may have lost more but not too shabby.  Gradual loss is better than no loss, that is for sure!  I am continuing on this journey and looking forward to feeling healthier, losing more weight and getting leaner, increasing my life span and getting faster!  I need to stay positive about the numbers as in the past these are what have driven me and I don’t want that to be the case anymore.  I want to be driven by health and long term wellness.

This mornings run was rough!  I really didn’t feel like doing anything when my alarm went off at my usual time of 4.14am as my body and legs were just tired, but I got out for 10k.  I am quite proud that I listened to my body and didn’t do my scheduled 20k as I needed some recovery.  I know it is not conventional but I will try and catch up these k’s through the week as I know I will be feeling better and my body got better as the afternoon went on.  Sometimes I am smart…not often but sometimes!  HA!

Day 51 – 10/3

Run – 25.1k – HAd a good session today and felt a million times better than yesterday.  Three big laps and powered through.  Not a bad average speed with some climbing too.  2hr 22min 49sec.  Average – 5.42min p/km.  Elevation gain – 444m.

Day 52 – 11/3

Run – 21.2k – Easy recovery run, 11k on my own and 10k with the girls.  Easy morning out.  2hr 2min 11sec.  5.47min p/km.

Day 53 – 12/3

Run – 16.1k – Quick little session at the Hummock before starting work early.  1hr 31min 40sec.  Average – 5.41min p/km.  199m gain.

The last week has been HECTIC and a new focus has been on the cards!  On Monday, I started UNI!  For those who don’t know, I am doing Secondary Health and Physical Education and Geography.  I know it is not really a valid reason, but as things have been so crazy and there has been a decent amount of adjusting, I haven’t really been focused on my diet.  Again, it hasn’t been overly bad, just not as clean as I would expect myself to eat!  Usual story!  Ha!

Tomorrow however marks four weeks until the Slam (AHHHHH) and I am looking to really knuckle down with my food consumption/quality, drop a few kilos and get ready to smash this slam up!  I have laid a really good base and just need to lean up a little to be in the best shape I can be at this point in the season.  I have reviewed my goals and am aiming to be under 77kg and more importantly, eating super clean, plenty of good tucker and feeling amazing for the big three days ahead.

There will obviously be some continual adjusting with study, training, work, family etc but I am ready!  I 100% know that the healthier I eat, the better the rest of my life functions (especially my brain) so the benefits of my diet goals spread far and wide through my life.  Yes!  Lets keep progressing, keep learning, keep growing (metally, emotionally and spiritually, not physically) and keep encouraging each other to be the best us we can be!  Much love y’all.

Day 54 – 13/3

Run – 42.2k – That was a ripper confidence builder!  Marathon with negative split back half…including putting the hammer down in the last 7k!  5.19, 5.18, 5.08 then 4k sub 5min pace…super stoked!  3hr 59min 28sec.  5.40min p/km.

Today was just an awesomely blissful day!  I started with a ripper run which really built my confidence in my fitness with Buffalo a few weeks away.  We then went into town and caught up with the old Beat crew and their wives which was awesome!  We really had a good time all together when we were working in town.  I then come home and made a start on some of my assignments for uni and relaxed a bit before picking up the kids.  The arvo was busy as always but we had a relaxing night ready to do it all again tomorrow!

I did my meditation today just before picking Pria up from school and man it was nice!  Super relaxing listening to the ocean and the wind and just a beautiful way to wind down.

Today was blessed.  I ate well, felt good and just enjoyed every moment of it.  I love days like today!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (pear, grapes, two bananas, hemp seeds, cacao, coconut and normal water, iodine drops, three madjool dates, cinnamon), dirty chai, roast veg salad with 3-2-1 dressing homemade, two nectarines, two rice cakes w peanut butter and madjool dates, two coffees, home made falafel wraps with salad and tahini dressing, tea, At One Food bar.

Day 55 – 14/3

Run – 28k – Long run back up.  Had a real nice morning out.  Did 10ish on my own then 13-14k with Gail and her friend, then finished off with the girls in the pram.  Good windy morning.  2hr 41min 46sec.  Average – 5.46min p/km.

Today was again a nice day!  I really enjoyed my run catching up with Gail and making a new friend, Kate.  After this I took Pria and Corlè out for a baby chino and then Pria into Acro, went to Nanas Pantry and then caught up with Mum and Dad.  I then had a little relax before heading to work.

Today I fuelled up well and nearly forced good food into me cause I was flat and knew I was depleted from the previous two days.  At work I had too many hot drinks (the downfall of working in a coffee shop!) and was proud of myself as I resisted the urge to snack!  This might not sound like a big deal to a lot of you but it felt like a small victory to me.  I have learnt over time that it is the small victories that compile into big ones!  One small one at a time.  A good day overall with some good k’s getting logged this week.

Food/drink journal – Brecky in a jar (oats, almond mylk, chia seeds, banana, blue berries, dates, peanut butter), dirty chai, coffee, rainbow chard, pumpkin, leftover falafel with tahini dressing, grapes, two nectarines, four dried figs, roast sweet potato with home made backed beans, two latte and a chai, dark chocolate.

Day 56 – 15/3

Run – 18.5k – Easy recovery run – Went out for 8.5k on my own and then 10k with dad and the girls.  BAD news though…my left hamstring completely jacked up and is pretty darn sore…will be interesting to see what pans out with it!  1hr 46min 54sec.  Average – 5.46min p/km.

Oh, I was SO devo this morning.  After such an awesome week of running and training, my left hamstring got worse and worse through this run and by the end I was running really slow and cautiously.  So sucky!  I don’t know if I should take the next couple days off to rest it or head out for an easy run tomorrow and see how it is?  I was only saying yesterday how I feel so fit at the moment and have had the best build up for a race that I have had in a long time!  WHY!?  Anyway, hopefully it is only a passing thing….well see.

The rest of the day was good, busy and enjoyable!  I was pretty darn tired though which sucked but onward and upward.  This week has again been a little up and down but over all good.  Training has been awesome but just a disappointing end to the week.  Heres hoping it is only passing!  Looking forward to another ripper week next week…three weeks till race weekend!

Food/drink journal – Breaky in a jar (oats, vitabritz, madjool dates, blueberries, banana, almond mylk, cacao), coffee, banana muffins with maple syrup and berries, latte, hot cacao, two dragon fruit, three dried figs, vege stir fry with soba noodles and quinoa, lots of vegan deserts!

Week total – 161.1km.  15hr 22min.  919m gain.


Week 9…

Day 57/58 – 16/3 and 17/3

The last two days have been more ‘adjusting’.  I have had my head in the books, working and ‘resting’ due to my hamstring pulling up sore on Sunday.  I am going to try and run again tomorrow and see how it is.  Hopefully no pain and training will continue as per normal!  I am being a little cautious though as I have been looking forward to this race for a while now and I want to make sure I am at the start line fit and ready to go!

My diet the last couple days has been ordinary again and I don’t really have a reason why?  In the past, at times, I have just got in these spirals where I will just eat poorly for a couple of days.  I ALWAYS feel crap when I do it and I honestly don’t know why I do it to myself!  I am doing my best to treat every moment as a learning experience though and trying to move onward and upward, fall less and live more.  I will be completely back on board tomorrow and look forward to feeling good and normal again.  I desire to experience and enjoy health to the ultimate degree.  I know I have not even come close to how good I could feel if I clean my diet up completely so I am super excited to continue to move toward this bliss.  Life and health is a process and I know I am on the journey there.  It is only when we give up and stop wanting more and striving for better that we truly fail and I ain’t giving up!  There will be blessed amazing days ahead I know that for sure.  Gratitude!

Day 59 – 18/3

Run – 15km.  Hammy tester.  Run went well this morning.  Hammy felt fine but will keep monitoring it the rest of this week.  10k on my own then 5k with the girls.  1hr 25min 33sec.  5.42min p/km.  Stepper – 20min.

Today has been a super busy but fun day!  I head out for a run this morning to test the hammy and it wasn’t too shabby.  Hopefully that incident on Sunday was just a one off and won’t return!  I gotta get to this race!  I am so so keen for it!

The rest of the day I had some good study, rested up before getting the kids at school and kindy and the crazy afternoon ensued!  Wednesdays are always so hectic!  I was a little flat today but got through.

For dinner we had a heap of veg with this amazing avocado dressing. The best thing about it was that we had corn and rainbow chard from my garden!  YUM!  So so stoked!  Overall, a good, fun day…one that I feel like I achieved a heap!

Food/drink journal – Nicecream (nine bananas, coconut and normal water, cinnamon, three madjool dates, iodine drops), 2x coffee, sweet potato and potato home made chips with lettuce and home made tomato sauce, two dragon fruit, home made mocha, rainbow chard, cabbage, pumpkin, corn, avo dressing, hot cacao.

Day 60 – 19/3

Run – 16k – Head out for an early loop of the Cano today.  Was a beautiful morning and the hammy felt great!  1hr 30min 16sec.  Average – 5.38min p/km.  196m gain.

Today was another busy day.  Leg was good and I enjoyed a beautiful early morning run before starting work early.  Had a good time there then arvo study before my grandmas 80th birthday!  Ripper!  Had a fun time catching up with all the crew.  Overall a good day, not a lot to report, just good!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (nine bananas, blueberries, coconut/normal water, seven dates, iodine drops, cacao), pineapple, latte, leftover steamed veg with avo dressing, dirty chai, latte, three rice cakes with peanut butter and madjool dates, leftover home made clean crumble desert, vegan pizza and wedges, desert after my grandmas party.

Day 61 – 20/3

Run – 20.1 – 10k on my own then 10k with the girls in the wind.  Easy does it.  1hr 55min 27sec.  Average 5.45min p/km.  Stepper – 20min.

Day 62 – 21/3

Run – 30k.  22k on my own then 8k pushing the girls.  Hot and humid!   2hr 45min 15sec.  Average – 5.29min p/km.

Day 63 -22/3

Run – 20k.  Easy Sunday session.  Legs were a bit tired today…I think from the humidity and heat of yesterdays run.  Did 5k on my own, 5k with Nix and Jamie, met the girls and then finished with them.  Good morning.  1hr 58min 8sec.  Average – 5.54min p/km.

Holy smokes, the last three days have flown by!  It has been blessed and mainly consisted of study, work and family time!  Uni is going great and I am staying right on top of things which is great.  I have already knocked over an assignment and getting through things nicely.

Everything has been going really great with the family and Pria is really excelling at school!  She got student of the week this week so well be going up to parade Monday to see her get her award.  What a champion!  Tegan and I got to go on a date last night which was amazing!  We figured the last time we went on one together has been over two years!  Holy smokes!  We saw the movie Wild which was AWESOME!  Then got some really yummy Indian at Bundy’s best location!  Yum!

Life at the moment is just going so so well and I feel so so blessed!  We just feel as a family in such a beautiful place.  God has really blessed us since coming back to Bundy.  The only thing I need/want to improve (ok, there are lots of things but the main thing) is my diet. Things have been up and down since starting Uni, probably due to a number of reasons, but I think the weening time is over and I need to step back up my game with my diet and nutrition.

I feel like this is an on-going thing and it probably always will be and that is ok.  I have come to peace with that and not putting a heap of pressure on myself.  While I really want to get my diet clean as a whistle, I know it is a process.  Learning, growing and maturing with every day that passes.  I am thankful for this process and I know some of you might think I am up and down, thats ok.  I might be.  But that is also ok.  Life is a journey and I am loving the road.

With only a couple weeks till race day, I want to focus on my nutrition, metally preparing for the race and enjoying smashing out some school work before I go away on my next adventure.  Gold!

I hope and pray this finds you all well and going strong.  Keep shining, smiling and living life to the max!  If you are not where you want to be in any area of your life (like me!) keep pressing forward.  Dont give up, stay focused on your goal and working toward it full bore!  Much love friends, namaste and many blessings.  Catch you next week.

Total – 101.1km.  9hr 34min.  302m gain.

Week 7…

Day 43 – 2/3

Run – 18k – 12k on my own then 6k with the girls.  Good recovery run/turnover.  1hr 45min 49sec.  Average – 5.46min p/km  Stepper – 20min.

Today was super busy and productive!  I got a heap of jobs done and spent a fair chunk of the morning outside after my training and the school drop off.  It smashed me a bit but I always love some manual work and making my yard look good.  Always so satisfying.

I felt a little tired in the arvo but had a nice time with the girls, heading to the park, reading a little and doing some cooking.  At night we had our besties Andrew and Nix over for a yummy dinner and hangouts.  It is always a blessed time with them that is for sure!

I felt good today and energised by the food I consumed.  I have almost finished reading an e-book called From Fat to Fabulous by Alison Andrews.  Dont let the name turn you off!  You should ALL read it as it is AWESOME and seriously one of the best things I have ever read.  It is base level education on healthy eating, inspiring with some testimonials and just an all round great book!  Please down load it (and print it out if you like making notes like me!) and read it!  Let me know what you think.

A great day and satisfying tiredness upon going to bed.

Food/drink – Smoothie (five bananas, orange, carob, three madjool dates, coconut water, two brazil nuts), two fruits, couscous roast veg salad w baby spinach, three coffees, Black Label orange juice, grapes, Tex Mex Lasagne, roast sweet potato, fruit salad with coconut yogurt and granola, tea.

Day 44 – 3/3

Run – 25.1k – On the Cano with 20 hill repeats.  Run 2, hike 1 repeat!  Feet got annihilated due to my new shoes and no socks!  OW!  2hr 32min 42sec.  6.05min p/km.  339m gain.

I started the day today feeling pretty flat today but got out the door to hit the hummock.  I ran in my new shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT.  I can say, on first impression, they are GREAT!  However, I made a stupid decision and wore no socks, for 25k, on hills!!!  My feet are annihilated!  UGH!  So so sore!  Looking forward to giving these bad boys a working over to see how they perform and last!  Exciting.

The rest of the day was super productive and really enjoyable.  I finished Fat to Fabulous (again I say, READ IT!), got an iPod shuffle for my podcasts (no more carrying my heavy phone thank goodness!), a new non-leather belt and spent the rest of the day relaxing, walking to the beach, relaxing and hanging out with the girls.

I was a bit flat today but this mornings run knocked me a bit which is great!  It is nice to know that I am getting some good training in and it is doing its job.

Today was the first day I have gone two days without my thyroid medication too.  I have to have some blood work done in the next week or so so it will be interesting to see my levels.

A lovely, well earned day with yummy food and good times!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (three bananas, mixed berries, one and a half oranges, two fruits, carob, three madjool dates, iodine drops, coconut water), dirty chai, left over broccoli soup, home made bread with tomato, garlic and balsamic vinegar, two apples, three rice cakes w peanut butter and three madjool dates, brown rice, roast veg and home made hommus, date, almond and coconut raw bar, tea, two coffees.

Day 45 – 4/3

Run – 7k (pushing the girls) – Man my legs were heavy this morning.  A real tough effort but got through this recovery run.  40min 31sec.  Average – 5.49min p/km.

Today was a bit rough.  I was super tired and worn out from the onset.  The run yesterday worked me and I felt the pinch during my recovery effort and then my day at work.  I battled through and picked up a little after lunch but it was a tough morning.

Dietary wise, I ate really good till late afternoon/dinner when I just ate too much.  Nothing overly bad, just way too much volume.  Still learning.  That is what I am loving about this journey, every day is learning day and growing day!  Excellent.

Appart from that it was a good, busy day.  Nothing major to report, just an enjoyable day in the life of The Tattoo Runner.

Diet/food journal – Smoothie (five nectarines, grapes, apple, three dates, iodine, vanilla, coconut water), dirty chai, latte, brecky in a jar (pomegranate, coconut, chia seeds, oats, raspberries, dates, almond mylk), coffee, banana bread, four rice cakes w peanut butter and dates, cereal with blueberries, quinoa vege curry, homemade biscutes, hot cacao.

Day 46 – 5/3

Run – 25.1k – Good time on the road this morning in the sandies.  Two big road laps and four Tough Man laps on the Cano.  2hr 24min 40sec.  Average – 5.46min p/km.  460m gain.

This mornings run was solid.  When everything else fails, my trusty sandals are always there for me!  How I love them!  And miss them when I don’t run in them!  Good morning out on the hill!  From time to time, I really do enjoy a good little outing on the road!  Loved it.

Appart from this morning, things around the diet didn’t go well today.  Terrible actually.  I just felt down and pretty crappy all day, eating far too much vegan junk and overeating on other good healthy vegan food (if thats possible!).  I don’t know why but at times this just happens.  I think the every day person calls it a ‘bad day’?!  Are they normal?!  Ha!

I really get upset on myself when I don’t eat the way I know I should.  I set high goals for myself and really aim for the best for my body and my training.  I also really feel like I let you all down when I don’t keep on track.  I know at times I put a lot of pressure on myself but thats just the way I roll!  My downfall.

I know I must sound like a broken record to y’all sometimes and I am sorry.  I despise my merry-go-round eating at times, however feel like over the last 40 odd days this has gotten a lot better!  I am really, going forward, aiming for one word…consistency.  I know I need to keep reminding myself that compared to the rest of the population my diet is really well but I have VERY high expectations of myself.  I am sorry if I have let you down.  I am staying positive, still striving for better every day, and going to put this one behind me.

In saying this, I really want to focus on one thing going forward.  I came up with a little saying this morning…Be mindful, Be consistent.  I am sure that I will have my slip-ups along the way but this is going to be my little motto going forward!  Wish me luck…lets do this!  Thanks for your love!

Day 47 – 6/3 

Run – 15.1k – Nice 5k early then stepper the 10k with Nix.  Cool morning out.  1hr 23min 13sec.  Average – 5.31min p/km.  Stepper – 20min

Today was good but reasonably non-eventful!  I did some running about in the morning and went out to the uni to finalise a few things before starting on MONDAY!  Super excited!  Apart from that I just did some odd jobs, relaxed at home, watched Indulgence (Antons first DVD…AGAIN) and then head into work.  I was pretty flat there for some reason but ended up being a nice night.  As much as I would love every day to be amazing, some days are just like today and pretty cruisy.

Food/drink journal – Five Vitabritz, oats, banana, mixed berries, three dates and almond mylk, latte, three sweet potato, sundries tomatoes, home made hummus, baby spinach, grapes, At One Foods bar, two coffees, chai, Left over TexMex lasagne, sweet potato rounds and home grown rainbow chard, banana bread.

Day 48 – 7/3

Run – 35k – Had a beautiful morning out today.  16 and a bit on my own, 16 and a bit with the girls (Pria on bike) then finished off on my own.  Wore my UD Anton pack with my new smaller bottles….perfect!  3hr 25min 28sec.  Average – 5.52min p/km.

HAd a beautiful morning out in stella conditions today.  Was super rad and everything went well apart from a little tiredness at the end. Pretty standard on 5hr sleep!

Anton is racing today at Transgrancanaria which I know to nearly all of you won’t matter but I love it when my running hero/icon is racing and mixing it with the best of them in the world!  Get amongst it brother and smash it up!

Today went really well overall.  After my run I took Pria into acro, checked out the fruit shops, got a massive juice and then head home to relax, read and enjoy the couple hours before work.  Work went well and was highlighted by making a new mate and also by Andrew coming down to visit me from his party, bringing me a yummy treat he whipped up.  His jovial/intoxicated state, night bike adventures and thoughtfulness made me super happy.  I am blessed to know this man and be his friend.  A good day and I was super tired at the end of it, ready for a new day tomorrow.

Food/drink journal – Four GU gels and a electrolyte drink, Five Vitabrits with oats, two nectarines, mixed berries, three dates and almond mylk.  1L of orange juice, coffee, four sweet potatoes made into oil/salt free chips, baby spinach, home made tomato sauce, two dirty chai, two by avocado on toast with Braggs, Left over pizza and quinoa curry, two mini almond butter cups from Andrew.

Day 49 – 8/3

Run – 27.1k – Went well this morning and felt fresh which was great.  17k on my own then the rest with Tegs, the girls and dad.  2hr 39min 50sec.  Average – 5.54min p/km.

Today was a nice day!  I did some good running this week and fuelled up today accordingly.  I have had in the back of my mind that tomorrow I am going to weigh in (Day 50), but trying not to let that affect the way I have eaten.  It will be an interesting weigh in.  I feel good and not too worried about the ‘number’ but need to remember that this is a long journey, one of a life time and one that I am enjoying.

We had a nice run then off to church before having a nice day at home and the beach.  Super nice!  It has been really nice to spend today with the girls as tomorrow Uni starts again and it is going to be head down and bum up!  Its going to be really interesting how the dynamics pan out again with daily routine, study, training etc.  A new challenge and new fun to be had!  Good times!

This has been a good week with some good k’s and good times in general.  The base is building, and I am feeling really good about the Slam coming up in a couple of weeks.  Bring it!  Fun week ahead with all the ‘newness’.  Blessed.

Food/drink journal – Three GU gels, electrolyte drink, Five Vitabritz, half banana, three dates, blueberries, soy mylk, oats, coffee, pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, pommygrannet and maple syrup, two apples with peanut butter, coffee, two hot cacaos, home made baked beans, corn, broccoli, At One Food bar, rice cake with peanut butter and a date.

This week – 152.5km.  14hr 50min.  932m gain.


Week 6

Day 36 – 23/2 

Run – 15k easy run with Tegs including a good section along a secluded beach in Crescent Heads in the rain.  Beautiful!  1hr 27min 47sec.  Average pace – 5.51min p/km.  3k – six hill repeats on the golf course.  20min 15sec.  165m gain.  Barefoot.

Day 37 – 24/2 

Run – 25k  – 15k of hills on Creso headland then 10k turnover.  2hr 24min 54sec.  Average – 5.48min p/km.  406m gain.

Day 38 – 25/2 

Run – 15k with Tegs on the road to Point Plummer.  Recovery day.  1hr 31min 10sec.  6.05min p/km.

Day 39 – 26/2 

Run – 18.1km – 12k of hills then 6k easy with Tegs on the beach for our last run together in Creso.  1hr 45min 45sec. 5.50min p/km.  211m gain.

Day 40 – 27/2 

Run – 7k – in the pitch black before about a 13hr drive home!  39min 41sec.  Average – 5.40min p/km.

Day 41 – 28/2 

Run – 30k.  15k on my own then 15k with Tegs and the girls (Pria on the bike).  Felt awesome the whole run.  Easy going and a good confidence builder.  2hr 48min 35sec.  Average – 5.37min p/km.  195m gain.

Day 42 – 1/3

Run – 18k – 8k with Dad and then 10k with the girls (Pria on her bike).  Easy way to round out the week.  1hr 45min 29sec.  5.52min per/km.

Hay hay y’all!  SOOOOO….what is up!?  I am sure (well I hope) that some of you have been wondering where I have been the last week and why I haven’t posted any blogs.  Well, here is the little story….

On Saturday last, we were at the Sunshine Coast for my sisters wedding, staying at friends and I didn’t get a chance to blog (we had a super late night for my sisters wedding and then had to high tail it really early the following morning to drive down for our holiday on the mid north coast of NSW).  On the Saturday, I also made a decision to have a bit of a refresher week, re-focus and get some perspective on some things and basically go off grid.  So, for these reasons, on Sunday upon arriving at Crescent Heads, I turned my phone off and had a technology free week!  Let me tell you it was beautiful!

During the week, I read a lot, working my way part the ways through Running Out of Time, the story of the two oldies that run on raw food around Australia doing 366marathons in a row!!! And The China Study.  If ANY of you haven’t read this book, order it now, absorb it, study it and be transformed!  IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!  I also spent a lot of time with the family, relaxing, in the sun, in the surf, training, looking for shells, exploring, having coffee and generally enjoying life.

The time without technology was so much simpler and enjoyable.  I really felt it focused me so much more and helped me be re-energised through the important things in life.  There might be more on this in coming blogs!

Whilst away, my diet was about 90% good and I ate a heap of fruit.  I really enjoyed this and my body felt pretty darn good each day, eating a fair amount of simple, beautiful foods.  I did have a couple of treats (namely on Corlè birthday) but overall was pretty darn solid.

When thinking things through and having this re-focusing week, I also made the decision to really up my game as far as my nutrition goes.  Hopefully going forward you will see some solid changes and an even more refined eating style.  I am super pumped about this and feel that this week off in the wilderness as it were has really benefited me and cleared my mind of a lot of fog.  Get ready for the awesomeness that is about to ensure!  Stoked to be back and amongst the action and hope you all continue to follow my journey along leading up to the Buffalo Slam and forward.

This weeks totals – 131.1km.  12hr 43min.  1071m gain.


Week 5…

16/2 – Day 29

Run – 15k Stop and Start.  Pria was pretty steady on the bike this morning so made me go nice and slow!  Good recovery run.  1hr 29min 27sec.  5.57min p/km.

Today was such a nice day!  I spent the majority of the morning in the yard and reading with Corlè.  After a quick nap, I did some stuff on the computer and then head to get Pria from school.  We hung around for a while for a meeting and the girls to play.  We then had a super nice relaxing arvo before eating a super yum dinner!  It was a blessed, relaxing awesome day!

It has felt really good to be back on track with the eating today!  I have carbed up super well and felt pretty well on top of things all day!  Even without coffee, I felt pretty good!  I can’t wait to just keep feeling better and better every day!  Pretty amazing this vibrant food thing!

On the training front, I am excited to be on a drop back week and have a reduced training load (still 100k planned!)  I think I have needed it mentally and physically just to have a back off week.  Good times!  Heres to a ripper week!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (coconut/water, seven bananas, two nectarines, five small dates, iodine drops), tea w soy mylk, nice cream (eight bananas, pear, carob powder, three madjool dates, water), five wholegrain rice cakes with peanut butter, brown rice with Braggs, baby spinach, sweet potato + potato chips, tea.

17/2 – Day 30

Run – 16.4km short hummock fun.  1hr 36min 37sec.  Average – 5.53min p/km.  149m gain.

Today was SUCH a good day!  I really enjoyed it and was one of the best ones I have had in a while!  I had a good run, did a heap of yard work, then relaxed, reading, cooking etc.  It was a rad morning and I even finished a book!  After a yummy lunch and more relaxing we head into town and did a heap of jobs.  It was again a productive afternoon and enjoyable.

I love days like today.  So cruisy, relaxing and enjoyable!  I also made the most flippen amazing dinner and desert!  Vegan nachos with non dairy sour cream and salsa and for desert I made what I was going to make for valentines Day but forgot I was working…..decadent chocolate avo pudding with coconut whipped cream and pomegranate!  All whilst watching a movie with my bride!  OMGosh it was AMAZING!!!

Today I really enjoyed some yummy food!  It was all low fat (no oil), WFPB (whole foods plant based) and just goes to show you can really enjoy some beautiful food on a vegan diet and not deprive yourself!  YUM!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (seven bananas, two fruits, almond mylk, peanut butter, five small dates, carob powder, iodine drops), coffee, roast vege salad with home made E2 dressing, nice cream (three bananas, nectarine, vanilla, five small dates, almond mylk), vegan nachos with salsa and ‘sour cream’, decadent chocolate avocado/banana pudding with coconut whipped cream and pomegranate.

18/2 – Day 31

Run – 5k in crazy wind and sideways rain!  27min 49sec.  Average – 5.34min per km.

Today was another rad day!  The weather this morning was flippen hectic and I think there is an ex-cyclone coming so that will make for some interesting training over the next couple of days!  This mornings run was nice and then after getting warm, and having breaky I head to work where we had limited staff and were super busy in the morning.  Sure made the day go fast.  I then grabbed Pria, had a play at the park and a nice relaxing arvo/night at home.

It was a really nice day and nice feeling the whole time, even with the crappy weather!  I fuelled up again really well today and ate clean WFPB all day.  I just feel so good when I eat right!  Super stoked!  A good day!

Food/drink journal – Nicecream (coconut water, six bananas, six small dates, strawberries, carob, iodine drops, vanilla), latte, mocha, roast veg salad w greens, brown rice and E2 dressing, coffee, grapes, roast sweet potato topped with leftovers from last night (nacho topping, salsa, olives, avocado, vegan sour cream), tea.

19/2 – Day 32

Run – 16.1km Crazy pre-cyclone conditions!  1hr 29min 46sec.  Average pace – 5.35min p/km.

This mornings run was crazy!  It started out not too bad but then by the end I reckon the wind was about twice as strong as when I started!  It was blowing me all over the road!  Hectic!  Glad I went out though!

I had a super nice morning with the girls doing some jobs, groceries, coffee and all good things.  It was a super nice morning, even though the weather was crazy!

The whole day was just nice!  I have really had a ripper couple of days that is for sure!  Been awesome.  We relaxed at home in the arvo, getting ready to go away tomorrow for my sisters wedding.

At night, Nix and Andrew came over for dinner which was awesome!  We ate some really nice food and enjoyed their company, particually as Andrew has been in the States for nearly three months with his sick dad.  Much love and many prayers for your loss my brother.  We really love these guys and time with them is always a blessing!

Another really awesome day, building the blocks of a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Gold!

(Had a bit too much food after dinner.  Again all within WHPB but I didn’t need to eat as much as I did!  Always learning!)

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (eight bananas, coconut mylk, cinnamon, six small dates, vanilla) topped with coconut whipped cream and pomegranates.  OMGosh epically good!  Latte, nice cream (seven bananas (I think…I forget!), two fruits, coconut water, oats, vanilla, four dates, cacao), coffee, two bits of toast with avocado, Braggs and pepper, broccoli soup with home made bread, tea, clean fruit crumble w maple syrup, two bowls of cereal w soy mylk.

20/2 – Day 33

Run – 10km in pre-cyclone eerie weather! 53min 23sec. Average – 5.20min p/km. Stepper – 10min.

Today was a busy day! Wow! Head was spinning and I got pretty wrecked by the end of it! After a nice run in eerily calm conditions (with the cyclone smashing up north) I came home and we got organised to head down to the coast for my sisters wedding. We got smashed with rain from Gympie but had a nice time once we arrived in Montville seeing all the family and helping set up a bit. I then drove the groom down to his accommodation and head to Jason and Anna’s with the girls to stay.

We had a super nice night relaxing, eating amazing food and taking it easy. I really really love spending time with these guys and they are such a beautiful, giving family!

Whilst I did what I could with my eating today, it wasn’t 100% but the best I could do when in others homes. This is going to be super important in the next week whilst on holidays, doing the best I can, where I am at and being mindful of what I am putting in my body. Super excited to be on holidays!

Food/drink journal – Brecky in a jar (oats, dates, chia seeds, peach, two fruits, pomegranate, peanut butter, molasses, almond mylk), latte, two by peanut butter and banana on toast, one by peanut butter and banana on a wrap, five lychees, two bananas, two coffees, rice paper rolls, Korean pancakes with sweet chilli sauce and soy dipping sauce, banana bread, hot cacao (all dinner made by Jason and Anna).

21/2 – Day 34

Run – 25.2km to Mt Coolum, one summit and back with Jason in the POURING rain! 2hr 29min 39sec. Average – 5.57min p/km. 202m gain.

My sisters wedding…../no internet connection.

22/2 – Day 35

Run – Rest day.  NO sleep after going to bed super late after the wedding and having a big drive ahead.

AWOL…see next blog for details….


Week 4…

Weigh in – 80.9 – up 100g.

9/2 – Day 22

Run –  16k – 6k on my own, then the stepper, then 10k with the girls.  Good morning out!  1hr 33min 27sec.  Average – 5.50min p/km.    Stepper – 17min

Well, I was a little disappointed this week in my weigh in.  I feel like I have worked hard, eaten really well and I put on 100g.  Weird.  In saying this though, my eating habits have completely changed from a couple of weeks ago, I am eating much more high vibrational foods, ones that are serving me and not destroying me and THIS is the goal, not necessarily weight loss.  So whilst I would have liked to see some good results on the scales today, I am not un-happy as such as I have had a great week in all the other ways mentioned above.  Heres to a ripper week ahead!

Well, after writing that this morning, today has been up and down.  I had a really great morning catching up on some jobs and eating real good food.  In the arvo however, for the first time, I fell into the ‘after weigh in’ mindset of old.  I used to do this all the time where I would eat really well up to weigh in day, stress a bit, weigh in and then eat poorly after getting on the scales.  Whilst it was not to that extent today, it still wasn’t great.  For this reason, I am thinking of weight in ever 25days to alleviate some mental stress and focus on the good things I am putting in my body and getting enough calories from whole foods, not a number.  So I might just do that, see how things go.

Appart from that, I had a productive day, doing a heap of paperwork type jobs, relaxing a little, garden work and cooking some goodies.  Days off are so nice.  I am looking forward to some super clean eating this week after this afternoons little hiccups and training like a mad man again!  This week will be rad!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (10 bananas, handful of grapes, coconut water, five small dates, carob, iodine drops), coffee, roast vege salad with tahini dressing, Engine 2 home made cookie balls, dark chocolate, yellow nectarine, home made pizza, Engine 2 brownies, tea, half piece vegan banana bread.

10/2 – Day 23

Run – 22k w five hill repeats and four tough man loops.  2hr 10min 54sec.  Average – 5.57min p/km.

Right…..today was not good diet wise.  I have decided I am not going to include my food/drink journal today as 1. I am too embarrassed at how much I ate and 2. I can’t exactly remember how much I ate!  In saying that, I am going to be brutally honest in todays post about how I feel, whats going to be happening going forward and where I am at.

In the past, when I have had a ‘bad’ moment (yesterday afternoon/night) it has carried on for a couple of days before being reigned back in.  It took everything within me this morning to get up, go train and I really did have good intention to get back on track with my eating today.  This did not happen (but I did get out for my run).  Why this happened and has happened in the past I do not know!?  It is beyond me but I just get in a spiral and find it really hard to get out!  I have eaten so well for 21days and I think I just got complacent the last two days!

Now, the beauty of life and this journey/challenge is that every day is new and I can make good choices every moment every day.  Tomorrow, I am putting 100% focus back into my diet, aiming to make it even simpler and even more nutritionally dense.  I am really going to knuckle down and going to do what I mentioned above and not weigh in until day 50, half way through this challenge.  I don’t want the stress of a number in my mind and I just want to focus on eating super clean and more and more toward the raw way of living.

I also have another couple of ideas on the go as far as increasing my meditation, having a period of not watching TV and just aiming to up the positive vibration in my life, day by day.  This all starts with eating a super clean, energy providing, brain activity increasing, beautifully clean diet.

I know it probably sounds lame to a lot of people but all I desire for is to eat a high carb, low fat, clean high vibration, wellness driven life.

Although today ‘happened’, it is now behind me.  I am sorry for letting you all down, but I will do my best to make sure that today will be the last day I don’t record my food/drink intake.  I want to increase the stakes in the game and get the foundation of my living (diet) more and more cleanly refined, moment by moment, day by day, week by week.

Thank you all for your support…although I feel like I dropped the ball today, I am remaining positive, knowing this will be the last day this happens at least for the rest of the challenge and I will be feeling more and more amazing every day from here on in!  I love you all, hope you are being blessed and eating some beautiful, clean, plant strong foods yourself today!  Peace and love y’all.

11/2 – Day 24

Run – Easy 7k with the girls, recovery run.  42min 12sec.  Average – 6min p/km

Had a nice easy run out this morning with the girls and just took it nice and steady.  Work was really busy and went quickly which is always good.  We had a nice arvo relaxing and then I took Pria into dancing where she hurt her shoulder!  Hope it comes good quick.  She is pretty tough that one.  We then had a nice relaxing night and just took it easy.

Today was great and felt awesome to be back on track with my eating.  Overall it went really good and I feel a million times better than yesterday already.  So so glad that day is behind me!  Loving so very much being on this lifestyle and can’t wait to just keep improving and improving it every day!  Blessed.

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (five bananas, two big mangos, coconut water and water, two madjool dates, iodine drops), latte, three roast sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, greens and lime juice, latte, nice cream (four bananas, soy mylk, four small dates, vanilla, carob powder), Autumn vege stew with brown rice, At One Food bar, hot carob.

12/2 – Day 25

Run – 25k Good old fashioned Hummock beat down!  10 hill repeats run and 10 hiked.  Got worked over.  2hr 29min 15sec.  Average – 5.58min p/km.

Well, I was looking for a workout that would give me a going over and this mornings surly did that!  I got a smashing!  My legs have been pretty wrecked up all day! Love it.  Hopefully tomorrow mornings recovery run will help shake out the legs.

We had a great morning dropping Tegan off, doing groceries and having coffee.  It was a nice morning out together.  We then had a nice lunch at home before heading to work.

I had a really nice day today.  Everyone was happy (most of the time) and I just felt content today.  It was great!  My eating was great and life is good!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (10bananas, handful of grapes, hemp seeds, five small dates, carob powder, iodine drops, coconut/normal water), latte, home grown greens, three small sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, olives and lime juice, latte, nice cream (three bananas, two nectarines, two madjool dates, vanilla, water), mango, lemon, pea and roast capsicum risotto, tea, At One Food bar.

13/2 – Day 26

Run – 15k recovery run.  1hr 27min 43sec.  Average – 5.50min p/km.  Stepper – 19min

Wow!  My legs were stiff this morning!  That workout yesterday was really on the money!  Great to get one in that I KNOW made a difference.  Made sure that I took it super easy this morning and the legs started to free up a little about 10k into the run.  Got some long k’s to do over the weekend so hope the stiffness is gone tomorrow!

Had a really nice morning doing nothing too out of the ordinary…just taking it easy and enjoying time with Tegs and catching up with Willow for coffee.  I did some reading, relaxing and generally had a nice time!  I am pretty sure at this stage, from Monday I am going to do a period of no TV…where I only watch select movies with Tegan and just do a tonne of reading before uni starts, just to get myself in that mindset again.  Will be nice to get through some books that is for sure!

Work this arvo/tonight was really busy at the start and then died right off.  I indulged on some raw deserts that I probably didn’t need and had some cereal when I got home from work that I also probably didn’t need but apart from that it was a stella day!  Work those extras off on my long run in the morning!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (seven bananas, grapes, coconut/normal water, seven small dates, carob powder, peppermint), latte, nice cream (eight bananas, apple, pear, cinnamon, water, two madjool dates), mango, vege curry with brown rice, full head of broccoli and peas, dirty chai, chai, raw (WFPB) treats at work, cereal with fruit/maple syrup.

14/2 – Day 27

Run – 35k in some serious wind!  3hr 20min 14sec.  Average – 5.43min p/km.

This mornings run went not too bad but man it was SO windy!  Hectic!  At times, there were gusts so strong I thought I was going backward!  All that being said, I got the job done!  Good to have this one in the bank!

The rest of the day was super relaxing, just lazing round at home, reading, having yummy pancakes for lunch for Valentines Day before heading to work.  I feel reasonably worked from this mornings run but not too shabby.  Looking forward to a easy long back up tomorrow and enjoying a drop back week next week to let the body and mind recover a little.

Side note – I have had this random indigestion all day today from eating too much last night.  Even though it was still technically within the realms of my eating plan, I just had way too much food!  Good to be back on track today that is for sure!

Food/drink journal – Electrolyte drink, four GU gels, smoothie (water/coconut water, seven bananas, grapes, carob powder, three madjool dates, hemp seeds), coffee, banana pancakes with mixed berries and maple syrup, two peaches, rice cakes with peanut butter, leftover vege stew pie, two health bars, dark chocolate, mocha, chai.

15/2 – Day 28

Run – 20k family fun.  1hr 57min 50sec.  Average – 5.51min p/km.

Todays run went well.  Although my legs were a little tired I battled through and got it done.  Good outing at the end of a long week.

From early this morning, for some reason my head just was not in the game mentally as far as food goes.  It sucked to feel like that.  From there, things just got worse.  I did not eat well today, ate too much and felt stink!  I think the combination of logging a decent week training (140k) and mental weakness at the end of the week, I just crumbled.

This week has not been the best dietary wise compared to the first couple of weeks.  A fair amount of up and down and inconsistency.  I really want to focus this week on getting things really back on track, consistent, getting really simple and clean with my fuel intake, getting some extra mental strength and clarity, and enjoying a ‘drop back’ week (100k).  This week I am moving on from.  Whilst it has not been the best, it has been part of the journey and I just need to learn from it!  This week is going to be great.

I again haven’t included my food/drink journal and again I am so so sorry everyone!  This I promise will be the last day in this entire journey that I don’t include it….good or bad!  You can all hold me to this!  Onward and upward!

It sure has been a learning, growing and experience gaining week!  Heres to a week of super recovery and health!  Much love!

This week – 140.1k.  13hr 41min.  26min stepper and bike commuting.


Week 3…

2/2 – Day 15

Weigh in – 80.8kg.  Down – 1.9kg

Run – 15.3k with dad.  1hr 27min 34sec (forgot to stop the Garmin for about 5min…), Average pace – 5.42min p/km.  Stepper – 13min

Super stoked with my weigh in this morning!  Worked very consistently and well this week and I again reaped the rewards!  My biggest problem for so long has been consistency so now I am doing that I am seeing some good results!  Stoked with this weeks work!

I had a super enjoyable day today with a nice run with dad to kick things off.  We ran past where Tegan and I got married which I don’t think I have seen since that special day!  That was super rad!  After returning home I did the school drop off and had coffee with Corle and Jodie, head out to uni for a meeting with one of the support ladies which was great, head to do some shopping then home for a rest.  After picking up Pria the girls and I relaxed at home, did some gardening and had a super awesome Mexican dinner.  Man I fricken love Mexican!  I could so so live in that country!  Vegan fair everywhere!

I felt super good today about how things have been going and I just seem to be going from strength to strength.  Even with little things…I used to eat far too much food after a weigh in (silly I know) and I haven’t even felt those temptations lately.  The consistency is paying off!  A good day!  Oh, and Home and Away AND My Kitchen Rules started again!  HAhaha!  I don’t watch a lot of TV (apart from sport) but I have a few dirty pleasures I indulge in from time to time!  Enjoy before uni starts!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (six bananas, blueberries, coconut water, six dates, carob, iodine), dirty chai, clean chips, lentil loaf ‘mince’, vegan ‘cheese’, baby spinach, olives, mango, coffee, Mexican tortilla lasagne with avocado, lime and vegan sour cream, tea.

3/2 – Day 16

Run – 20k with 16 slick grass hill repeats.  2hr 2min 41sec.  Average – 6.08min p/km.  Gain – 232m.

I was a bit flat on my run this morning.  I don’t think I ate enough yesterday.  I really need to make sure that I keep on top of this for my training.  Whilst I am eating such clean fuel, I need to eat more and not be scared of ‘extra calories’ as they are such nutritionally dense foods, it doesn’t really matter as they are doing what they need to in my body then moving through.  Every day is learning!

Today was so rad!  After my run we got sorted and dropped Pria at school.  Corlè, Tegan and I then did a quick road trip to Hervey Bay to buy Corlè a bed.  We had a nice lunch then head back.  It was real nice to go for a drive and relax with two of my girls before picking Pria up.  I also got a new mower today so naturally had to try that out!  A nice arvo and relaxing night.  I whipped up our favourite pumpkin soup too and even made bread and it turned out AMAZING!  So stoke with that!

I might have eaten a little too much today but I felt in deficit from yesterday and still a little low in energy so it was good to get some sustenance back into me!  I also set a new little banana record of 13….getting up there now!    All in all a great day!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream – nine bananas, two fruits, hemp seeds, coconut water, four madjool dates, iodine drops, cinnamon), coffee, vege focassia, latte, decadant nice cream (four bananas, four dates, soy mylk, carob, coffee, peanut butter), pumpkin soup, home made bread, tea, three homemade Engine 2 oat balls.

4/2 – Day 17

Run – 7km family outing with Pria on the bike.  42min 57sec.  Average – 6.07min p/km

Today was a bit non-eventful however I had a fun really nice arvo at work.  Wednesdays are always fun with the crew that is there.  I have felt a little flat today for some reason.  Just kinda un-motivated and flat.  I had too many hot drinks again which I want to fix in my diet.  Apart from that pretty good.

I have decided to do a little ‘drop coffee from my diet’ program.  Just dropping the amount each week.  Slowly but surely it will work and hopefully I won’t feel the affects of going off it too bad if I do it slowly.

Additionally to this, for those who know, I had a pituitary tumour a couple of years back and have been on thyroid medication since.  I, through my personal study etc don’t believe that any of us should be on ANY medication long term.  I believe the body has incredible healing power and can rectify any aliment we throw at it…particularly if we create an environment for it to do so through a super clean diet!  I am also going through a process of going off this medication.  I am doing this slowly too over a period of months and going to monitor how I feel and as I get pretty regular blood tests that will show results too.  It will be interesting but I HATE taking medication every day so I trust my body, going to fuel it right so it can sort itself out.  If any of you have any constructive advise or professional help you wish to offer in this regard that would be great!

Nice relaxing night, kicking back, ready to do it all again tomorrow.  Yes!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (seven bananas, blueberries, coconut water, seven dates, carob powder, iodine drops), dirty chai, lentil loaf ‘mince’ on my home made bread, mango, three nectarines, two mochas, roast vege salad with avocado dressing, tea, three madjool dates w peanut butter.

5/2 – Day 18

Run – 22.1k with nine of The Tough Laps.  2hr 8min 45sec.  Average – 5.49min per/km.  351m gain.

I had a strong run this morning!  I felt light, fuelled and good on the hills at Cano with some tough laps! Well fuelled on Wednesday for a good run today.  Really happy with that!

The rest of the day was really nice as well.  Corlè was a bit whingy but apart from that all was good!  Buzy but relaxing in the same way!  I got a ripper deal on a crap load of ripe spotty bananas which ALWAYS makes me super happy and some great gear food shopping.    We had a yummy lunch together before heading off to work.  The day was a good one!  More good food and good feeling.

Something I have been meaning to write about the last couple of days too is that I fully feel my body changing.  Even when I lay down to go to sleep, I feel like my jaw bones are more exposed!  My stomach fat feels leaner too which is great!  I am so super stoked with how this journey has gone thus far and I am only such a short way in!  Good times ahead thats for sure!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (nine bananas, coconut water, water, blueberries, carob powder, peppermint), latte, home made chips, salsa, blackbeans, corn, avocado, coffee, latte, smoothie (two bananas, big mango, coconut water, three madjool dates, cinnamon), creamy vege curry with brown rice, tea.

6/2 – Day 19

Run – 15k zigzagging with the the girls.  Pria on her bike.  1hr 26min 46sec.  Average – 5.47min p/km.

Today has been a bit of a flat day again.  I think it was the super hectic winds that have been blowing that have dampened my mood a little.  In saying that, I got a decent recovery run in, cooked dinner, did a heap of jobs on the computer and relaxed, reading some books before starting work.  So, all in all, it wasn’t too bad of a day!  I had another little smoothie after lunch as I was feeling quite blah so if in doubt, carb up!

I also finally got my act together and made a new video for YouTube. It has been so long since I posted one, I thought it was high time I got the GoPro out and started doing some filming!  Hopefully there will be plenty more videos to come!

I am however looking forward to my runs this weekend.  Gonna put in some solid k’s and it is always satisfying to me to get that long run tiredness in the legs.  Bring it on.

Night note – I had my biggest moments of weakness this afternoon and tonight for no real reason!  I just felt weak and like binging.  I was at work and did succumb to some raw deserts, sweet chai and banana bread.  Whilst this might not sound like much to y’all, I was disappointed I gave into temptation.  I am actually embarrassed to write what I ate but I promised honesty, so there it is!

That being said-in the big scheme of things, it wasn’t that big of a disaster.  I learnt again from that splurge that whilst I have been going really really good on this plan so far, I need to stay vigilant to temptations and the desire to return to some old bad habits are just around the corner if I am not aware of them.  I am really looking forward to the weekend, getting some super clean foods back into me and learning from todays little stumbling block.  Thanks for your graciousness in my little fall.  Straight back on the horse to smash the clean carbs tomorrow!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (seven bananas, apple, grapes, vanilla, coconut and normal water, seven dates), coffee, sweet potato, cherry tomato and greens salad with Engine 2 home made dressing, Nice cream (three bananas, five tiny dates, water), coffee, dirty chai, grapes, udon noodle stir fry with kicker greens, three bits of raw desert and a piece of vegan banana bread, latte.

7/2 – Day 20

Run – 31km long fun.  2hr 55min 51sec.  Average – unknown as watch froze on the way home.

Had a REALLY solid run this morning.  Felt great the whole time, no real tiredness and just smashed through it!  So stoked with this one banked!

Had a really nice relaxing morning also taking Pria to acrobatics, grabbing coffee at one of our favourites, Sea Gypsy and generally relaxing.  The only downer is that the wind the last two days has been hectic!  Really enjoyable day though.

Work was great, super busy in the night but good!  Not tempted at all tonight by the not so good food/drink and stayed carbed with dinner and some dates after.  All in all, a good day today!  I will sleep well tonight!

Food/drink journal – Three GU gels, one electrolyte drink, smoothie (10 bananas, blueberries, coconut water and water, carob powder, iodine drops, four madjool dates), latte, roast veg salad with tahini dressing, smoothie (four bananas, grapes, five small dates, water), udon noodle miso stir fry, half strength latte, four little dates, two madjool dates with peanut butter.

8/2 – Day 21

Run – 20.26km beautiful morning run with dad.  1hr 56min 17sec.  Average – Unknown due to watch not working.  Dads did though so was able to get some data.

Had an absolutely beautiful run out this morning with dad.  Hit the trail though the Barolin reserve and just had a great end to the weeks running.  Got some good k’s in this week and felt good pretty much the whole week.

Had a yummy pancake breakfast when I got home and then off to church.  After that, we head home for a relaxing afternoon before heading to work for the night.

Overall, this week has been another solid one and 21days into this journey, I am really happy with my progress!  More can always be done, but day by day I am learning, growing, and getting more and more inspiration in all I do.  So so stoked I embarked on this journey! Bring on week four!

Food/drink journal – Two GU gels, banana pancakes with raspberries and maple syrup, coffee, nice cream (9 bananas, two fruits w juice, carob powder, At One Foods bar, iodine drops, coconut water), two mangos, leftovers (roast veg, cherry tomatoes, brown rice, salsa) on cos lettus, latte, mocha.

This week – 130.8km.  12hr 40min total time running.


Week 2…

Weight – 82.7kg.  Down two kilos.

26/1 – Day 8

Run – 12.3km easy with the family.  1hr 12min 25sec.  Average – 5.52sec per km.  Sandals.  Stepper – 9min.

Whilst my weigh in this morning was not quite as much as I had hoped, two kilos is awesome and I really don’t feel like it was a whole lot of effort which made it even sweeter!  I ate super clean this week, stuck to my plan and reaped the rewards.  If I can maintain this consistency I am headed on a beautiful path!  On ward and upward!  This week I want to limit my coffee intake to two a day and limit where I can other drinks apart from water!

Today was Australia Day and we enjoyed a nice run as a family but it was hot again!  Battled on!  We then went to the beach together and I mowed the lawn.  About as Aussie as you can get!  Ha!  We then just relaxed, watched a bit of a movie and hung out with mum and dad before going for a bike ride to the turtle play ground for the kids to have a run about.  Nice relaxing night in…..a beautiful day.

I got some interesting emails/messages after my first weeks post today.  I really believe in what I am doing though and sticking the path.  There is too much medical evidence for a high carb, low fat vegan diet for me not too!  Keeping the calories up is always the key though.  I am looking forward to this week ahead, the challenges I might face and the benefits I will enjoy.  So far so awesome!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (six bananas, an apple, blueberries, five dates, coconut water, carob powder, two iodine drops), two coffees, roast veg (three sweet potato and two carrots) and greens salad with my awesome tahini dressing, four home made banana, date and walnut scone/muffin things with peanut butter, roast veg with dressing and quinoa, two hot cacao.

27/1 – Day 9

Run – 18km with 12 hill repeats on the Cano.  1hr 46min 19sec.  Average – 5.54min per km.

Today was a big day in the Grills house!  Pria went for her first day of school!  So, after a good session on the hill this morning, it was get ready, take photos, get emotional (well me anyway!) and then get the girl to her big first day!  After a few hugs and smiles good by, Tegs , Corle and I head into town for a few odd jobs and coffee.  We then head home and it was so weird….so quiet when Corle went down for a sleep!  No Pria!  Bizzare.  I then did a nice interesting Podcast interview with Coach Jeff.  It will go up soon and one that I really enjoyed….some different topics and good chats!  The afternoon saw the beach, some bouldering on a kids playground near us (thats ME not the kids!) and relaxing in general.  It was a super nice day that is for sure.  Pria was pretty emotional tonight I think due to the big first day but we weathered that storm and all ended well.  Time seems to have flown so quickly and I can’t believe I now have a kid in school!  Crazy!  Miss that kid already!

Food/drink journal – Nice cream (eight bananas, blueberries, coconut water, four madjool dates, carob powder, two iodine drops), a dirty chai, coffee, leftover roast veges with spinach and couscous/quinoa and last nights dressing, ten lychees, nectarine, vegan nachos w salsa, black beans, homemade ‘cheese’ sauce, olives, tomatoes and avocado, tea, At One Foods bar.

28/1 – Day 10

Run – 5.1km easy recovery run.  28min 49sec.  Average pace – 5.41min p/km.  Sandies.

I felt flat today for some reason.  I don’t know if it was a lack in calories, building up training or just the grey weather.  Who knows.  I do know that it made me drink too many hot drinks (all vegan though) with maple syrup and extra stuff I certainly didn’t need, or at least is not calorie dense…what I am after!  One of the traps of working in a coffee shop!  I am really going to focus from here on in to ONLY drink coffee or tea, in moderation (I am cutting back my coffee consumption) with NO additives or even natural sweeteners.  Not needed!  This will step things up a little and I want to get a good handle on this by the end of the week.

Appart from this, I had a slow day at work, a good time in the arvo with the girls and a nice relaxing night in.

I am now 10days in to this challenge and already feel like I have made some massive progress!  My diet is going pretty darn awesome and whilst I have a lot of improvements to make, I am stoked with how far I have come already and the platform/foundation I am building.  I am 100% committed to seeing this challenge through to the end and feel like I am really setting a precedent in my own health/lifestyle that is sustainable, health promoting, weight loss/maintaining, disease preventing, ethically sound and environmentally GOLD!  Super stoked to be on this path!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (mango, five bananas, coconut water, three dried figs, iodine drops, vanilla), dirty chai, nectarine, brecky in a jar (peanut butter, oats, raw buckwheat, six dates, two fruits, blueberries, banana, soy milk, molasses), 10 lychees, chai, mocha, lentil and vege pasta bake, tea, two At One Food bars.

29/1 – Day 11

Run – 20km on the hill with 14 hill repeats.  2hr 31sec.  Average – 6.02min per km.  239m gain.

A busy but enjoyable day today.  My diet was super good and I enjoyed keeping myself occupied with family fun, grocery shopping, hanging out and just keeping it real!  I had another good workout this morning and stoked with how my training is going so far.  Work was hectic busy but made the time go super fast.  All is going swimmingly thus far!

Food/drink journey; – Smoothie (eight bananas, blueberries, vanilla, coconut water, six dates, carob powder and iodine drops), coffee, roast veg salad (sweet potato, pumpkin, broccoli, tomatoes) with greens and tahini dressing, coffee, two mangos, tortilla bean crockpot with ‘cheesy’ sauce, tea, mango.

30/1 – Day 12

Run – 15k – 5k on my own then 10k with the girls.  1hr 25min 26sec.  5.42min p/km.  Stepper – 11min

Today was a significant day!  One year since getting my dreads!  It might seem trivial to some, but to me, it is a cool day!  Although it has only been a year, I couldn’t imagine life without them now!  They have become a part of me and will continue to grow (literally and figuratively) with me through the years.  Happy One Year to me!

The rest of the day was pretty standard and the hot weather is back. I got a nice run in this morning, did the school run, cooked dinner, cleaned….you know, just the normal!  I had a nice relaxing day before heading out to pick the kids up.  The afternoon then consisted of relaxing with them before heading off to work.

I am looking forward to some long running this weekend and turning the wheels for some decent k’s.  I will again include time with the girls which is good for my longer efforts as it keeps my pace in check!  Should be a ripper weekend ahead!

Night note – Tonight was the first time I have really felt temptation hit me on this new journey I am on.  Sadly, I caved in a little and had two chunks of raw deserts and two chai lattes.  Now, this might not sound like much, but I know the deserts had coconut oil in them.  These are the only things different I have done in my diet in the last nearly two weeks and let me tell you, tonight I felt stink!  After I ate them I felt bloated, super tired and lethargic and all round yuck!  It had to be the oil (and overeating).  From this little hurdle, I am convinced that I am on the right path with the eating plan I have chosen and will not be retuning to eating oil and things like that any time soon.  Although I feel like I stumbled a bit tonight, I am putting it behind me, waking up tomorrow to a new day with new adventures and new opportunities to eat super well and feel awesome!  Lesson learnt!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (mango, apple, grapes, five dates and coconut water), two bits of toast with avocado and Braggs, coffee, roast sweet potato (four), cherry tomato, greens and tahini dressing, two madjool dates, mango, five lychees, coffee, two chai, two pieces of raw deserts, lentil loaf and salad.

31/1 – Day 13

Run – 25k – 5k on my own then 20k with the girls.  Tegs did super and the girls were really well behaved so it was a beautiful way to start the day.  2hr 25min 42sec.  Average – 5.49min p/km.

This morning was beautiful!  Such a great way to start the day running a long run all together as a family.  I felt sludgy in the belly and still not 100% from the oil I had last night but got through fine.  I can’t believe how much that affected me and how sensitive my body has gotten in such a short time.

We had a super busy morning taking Pria to acrobatics, shopping, having coffee, getting rid of some stuff at Cashys, cooking lunch/dinner and getting ready for work!  I didn’t eat anywhere near enough this morning and needed to make sure that I loaded in the back half of the day after my long run and another to come tomorrow.

Tomorrow marks the 1st of Feb!  Whilst I have had a great start on this journey and I am super stoked, I want to continue to strive forward, keep the momentum going and not lose any of that!  I am looking forward to going to next level in Feb and loving every moment better than the one before!  Bring it!

Side note – something I have been meaning to mention.  After about five days eating clean, I got these sweat type pimples on my shoulders and upper back.  It is insane as it is the toxins working their way out of my body from the erratic diet I was eating before.  If anyone has bad skin or wants a clean out, the best way is with a whole foods, plant based diet – heavy on fruits and veg!  That has all gone now, and my skin is back to looking normal.  Nice to know I had a little detox without even really trying.

Food/drink journal – two gels and a Nuun sports drink, five Vitabritz with soy milk, blueberries, two fruits and four madjool dates, handful of grapes, coffee, pancakes with 100% maple syrup and blueberries, 14 lychees, lentil loaf ‘mince’ with peas and broccoli, mocha, chai, At One Foods bar.

1/2 – Day 14

Run – 25.1km – 10k on my own, 10k with Tegs, Pria on the bike, Nix and Kev.  2hr 17min 30sec.  Average – 5.29min p/km.

This morning was super fun with the gang!  Really nice to get to know Kev, a new friend and get my k’s in.  Was a little wery but at the back end of a big week, thats to be expected a little.  I also listened to a fun podcast with Michael Arnstein (The Fruitarian).  I love that guy, super entertaining!

Had a nice morning at church then relaxing a little before heading to work.

Week Two has been super fun and again, not a lot of effort to feel great and eat well.  I feel like this is really making me a better athlete and setting myself up for long term health, every day.  I completely know I am doing the right thing by being on this plan!  Bring on week three!

One thing I have really learnt is that a couple of times I have been caught out and been SUPER hungry!  This makes me grumpy, super tired and not have a lot of energy.  I need to keep making sure I am prepared for any situation and not get carb depleted.  Lessons learnt every day!

Food/drink journal – Three mangos, bowl of grapes, coffee, oil/salt free sweet potato and potato chips with cos lettuce and ‘cheese’ sauce for dipping, dirty chai, chai, two nectarines, vege curry with brown rice, three rice cakes with peanut butter.

This week – 120.5km.  11hr 36min.  567m gain.


Week 1

Day 1 – 19/1 – Start weight – 84.7kg.

Ran – 8.03km – 46min 51sec.  Average 5:50min p/km with Pria running the last 500m with us.  Stepper – 5min.

While my weigh in this morning was disappointing, I know that a lot of it is water/food weight having not run this week.  I know that I will drop a couple of kilos this week without trying too much!  I have been super excited to get started on my plan today and have found things super easy today.  I started the day off with an easy run with the girls which was good to get the legs moving again.  I then caught up with old friends, Ben, Mel and their son Marlon.  I used to be in the band with Ben and it is always great seeing those guys!  We grabbed coffee together, had a great lunch and relaxed together.  A great day.  The rest of the day I just relaxed with the girls, enjoyed a top storm this arvo and kicked back solo (Tegs was out with the girls from work) and watched a movie.  Nice!  Been too long.  Day one has been super awesome, pretty darn easy and a good way to get going on this journey.

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (LSA, five bananas, nectarine, handful of grapes, four madjool dates, maca powder, two drops of iodine, coconut water and water).  A cheek of mango, homemade vegan pizza (half a pizza), two nectarines, large salad with mixed greens, spinach and roasted veges.  Dressing made from No Meat Athlete (oil free).  Three coffees and a cup of tea.

Day 2 – 20/1

Ran – 16km to and round the hummock with Tanya.  1hr 31min 37sec.  Average – 5:43min p/km

Today was Tegans birthday!  We had a bit of a mixed day with the kids being a bit round and my disappointment that Tegs present didn’t arrive on time (I got her a bike).  We still had a good day, grabbing a coffee, her doing some shopping and getting Indian for lunch.  A nice day with some more wild weather.  Overall I did well diet wise but was super tired due to my terrible sleep last night.  Hopefully it is better tonight!  Work was also super slow which sucked.  I always find it way more tempting there with food etc when I am not that busy.  I got through pretty well though.  Overall, day two was a winner.

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (water, hemp seeds, seven bananas, blueberries, four madjool dates, carob powder, two iodine drops), vegetable curry with rice and wholemeal roti, a mango, roast vege salad with greens and dressing from last night, two coffees, one vegan mocha, two teas.

Day 3 – 21/1

Run – 5k early easy.  27min 31sec.  Average 5.30min p/km.

This mornings run felt ‘light’.  This is the first time I have felt like this in a while which was nice.  I am looking forward to many more days like this!  It was an easy early run before heading into work to open the cafe and head home early due to it not being busy.  When I got home, my friend Willow came and tidied my dreads up which was a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

The last day or two it has really dawned on me the enormity of what I am embarking on with this Buffalo Slam business.  Holy smokes!  Funnily enough, the distances don’t scare me too much, but the climbing and elevation does!  Even logistically, it could be a mammoth task!  I may not finish till late Saturday night and then have to be up early Sunday morning to crank out a super hilly marathon!  I am really looking forward to this challenge and going to be ready as ever physically, emotionally and mentally.  This could be one of my biggest challenges yet, just being ready to go each day!  I am super keen for it and going to be good to go come race day that is for sure!

Today I was super hungry for some reason.  I ate well, however probably not enough.  I also had too many coffees and want to drop the additives (mochas, maple syrup etc) and just stick with plain coffees.  As well as this, I want to be bike commuting where ever possible.  I want to stick to the rule that if it is under 30deg and not raining when I leave home, I ride.  This is just a little task I want to try and stick to as good as possible.  Overall today, I learnt a bit about my coffee intake and making sure I get enough calories from clean fuel!  A good day!

Food/drink journal – Brecky in a jar (oats, four madjool dates, raw buckwheat, maple syrup, two fruits, soy milk, banana, cacao nibs), mocha, three coffees, tea, half a mango, two small apples, large container of grapes, two bits of homemade NFV (no fat vegan) banana and berry bread, large amount of wholemeal casserole with lentils, three dried figs (I was hungry after dinner!).

Day 4 – 22/1

Run – 19k with 10 x hill repeats.  1hr 50min 36sec.  Average pace – 5.49min p/km.

Had a really good workout this morning on the hummock.  Ran up there with dad and then cranked out some hills, meeting up with the old boy as he did his thing.  The hill repeats were hectic!  So so slippery and muddy I can not believe I didn’t fall.  A good session.

The rest of the morning was rainy and taken up with groceries, coffee, relaxing and picking up Tegans birthday present – her new bike!  We then just kicked back in the rainy weather and relaxed before I head to work.  I got an early mark there too as it has been so quiet and the weather so bad.  Tegan and I rounded out the day watching a good movie (the new Liam Neilson one) and enjoyed the end to a good day.

My diet went well again today but I just have to continue to be vigilant with my drink intake.  I don’t want to be getting unwanted, unnecessary calories from drinks, although at this time I am enjoying them.  I hope as time progresses and my diet improves daily, the need/want for coffee, chai, mocha etc will dissipate.  Time will tell.  Overall, a ripper of a day!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (seven bananas, hemp seeds, an apple, blueberries, carob powder, two madjool dates and four normal, water), three coffees and a chai, sweet potato, tomato and greens salad with my tahini dressing (see below for recipe…it is SOOOO good), banana and berry bread, bunch of grapes, vege curry with brown rice, three dried figs with 100% peanut butter.

Tahini dressing – Half cup tahini, quarter cup lemon juice, two tablespoons apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons tamari or soy sauce.  You can also add a little chilli if you like and as much water as you like for your desired consistency.  Blend up and enjoy!  YUM!!!

Day 5 – 23/1

Run – 13k in the rain.  1hr 9min 48sec.  Average – 5.22min per km.  Legs a little heavy from yesterday.

As much as I love spending time with my beautiful family, I love fridays.  I spent the morning cooking, reading, watching some sport, and generally relaxing.  I also booked my flights for the race so things are getting exciting already!

Work was hectic busy and it got hot again at night.  The rain disappeared for two seconds and the humidity returned!  Ugh!

I feel like I started to get on top of my calories a little today after a feeling a bit low yesterday.  I have just really been trying to listen to my body and eat clean accordingly.  I really feel like I have come a fair way in such a short time already.  I haven’t really had any cravings for bad food (apart from a couple of small ones) and really find myself just wanting clean yummy fuel.  Good times!

Food/drink journal – Smoothie (six bananas, nectarine, maca powder, water, six dates, vanilla), seven lychees, roast vege salad with avocado dressing, three rice cakes with peanut butter, three coffees, chai, At One Foods cacao and incaberry bar, nectarine, basil pesto pasta with white beans.

Day 6 – 24/1

Run – 25k in 2hr 16min 36sec.  Middle 7k with the girls.  A bit sluggish but negative split the run which was good.

Today was great!  Had a nice morning after my run at home cooking, watching some cool climbing shows on TV, relaxing, reading and hanging out with the girls.  After lunch, our good friends Jason and Anna arrived with their teenage girls when we had some lunch, went out for coffee and a little tour of the coast of Bundy.  We really love spending time with these guys and they are a beautiful family.  Work was great and nice and busy and overall it was a really enjoyable day.  I felt pretty darn good after my run and although I didn’t feel that hungry, felt like I re-fueled quite well.  I feel like I am so bloated from water a lot of the time too but still seem a bit de-hydrated.  Weird.  I need to keep on top of this when it is so hot.  Overall, a good day!

Food/drink journal – Run – One bottle of Squintra hydration, a High 5 gel and a Gu gel, Nice cream (maybe 2-3mangos, nectarine, handful of grapes, hemp seeds, soy milk, four madjool dates, two drops iodine, vanilla), banana, three coffees, roast vege with cous cous salad, At One Food bar, apple, Matt Moores Enchiladas.

Day 7 – 25/1

Run – 16.2km.  1hr 38min 50sec.  Average speed – 6.07min p/km.  Easy run with Tegs, Corle, Jason and Anna.  Nice morning relaxing and chatting.

We spent the morning today with our good friends Jason and Anna (and their two daughters).  I just love hanging out with these guys.  So relaxing, fun, good conversation and just good people!

We started the day off with a run together which was pretty darn hot!  We then had a big pancake breakfast and relaxed before heading to Eden, a new vegan cafe in Bundy for lunch with all the crew and mum and dad.  It was a super hot day so everyone was pretty over it!  Just tried to stay cool before heading to work!  Work was fun, cruisy and stormy.  It was good to knock off after working the last 11 out of 12 days!  Ugh!  Days off will be nice!

I have been SUPER happy with how this week has gone.  I still have a lot to do and improve upon but for the first week I am stoked!  I just want to try and improve a little each day, week and month until eating super clean becomes second nature.  This week I want to cut back my coffee intake and hot drinks a bit.  I feel like whilst these aren’t overly bad, I am just consuming too many and I know they are not serving my purpose to its fullest potential.  All good though, one small change at a time makes a massive change a year down the track!  Week one done and dusted!  Good times!

Food/drink journal – Banana pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup, three coffees, vege lasagne, salad and a couple sweet potato chips, five lychees, nectarine, chai, Nice cream (five bananas, mango, four madjool dates, vanilla, soy mylk), hot cocao.

Week 1 – 102.2km.  9hr 41min.  523m gain.


Disclaimer – The blogs to come over the next 100days will be completely honest, sometimes embarrassingly so!  I am not looking for sympathy or pity, I just want to be up front in the hope that this will help you in your journey, and in turn, keep me accountable and on track on my own path.  These blogs will contain daily updates on training, diet (food journal), weight, my meditation/reading, photos, thoughts (the good and the bad) and anything else I feel like throwing in!

For those who are new to this blog, I am a vegan ultra marathon runner.  This blog is going to track the next 12 weeks of heavy training for Buffalo Stampede – where I have now decided to do the Grand Buffalo Slam!  This entails the Sky 26er – a 26k race on the Friday, The Buffalo Sky Ultra – 75k on the Saturday and the Buffalo Marathon (42) on the Sunday!  This will all take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of April in Bright, Victoria.  It also includes just over 9000m of elevation gain over the three races!  Holy SMOKES!!!  GOAT!!!

This blog will hopefully show some insight into what it takes to be competitive in a tough ultra.  On a bigger scale though, this blog is going to continue on for the 100days (a time frame it is believed to break bad habits and set a new lifestyle in place) the food/drink a plant based athlete consumes to fuel his training, busy existence and lifelong health.  I will also journal the balance of being a husband, father of two young girls, part time barista and full time student in secondary health and physical education, commencing March.

Now that is all out of the way….YAR!  Whats cracking all?!  Well, I write this blog with much excitement and a fair crack of nervousness.  As usual I am putting myself out there on a limb, giving some new and old things a go and seeing what pans out!  First some immediate background….

This year has started out not too bad dietary wise, and pretty darn good racing/training wise.  For those of you who know me though, you will know that I have battled with my diet for pretty much my whole life and whilst it has surely improved since going vegan, I still over eat, have a serious sweet tooth and have been known to devour a pantry full of pretty much anything I can find.  I long for better…

My training and fitness is in a really good place and over then next 12 weeks, going to be stepped up to the next level of madness.
As most of you will know, I live in Bundaberg, one of the flattest cities I have ever been to!  So, during this program, you will also see how I get creative and make the most of what I have got to train for a mountain ultra marathon with A LOT of climbing.  You will also see the day to day grind and love of running it takes to compete in these types of events.  Whilst this is no where near my longest ultra I have done, I plan on coming to it in the best shape I ever have for a race.  Bring it!

So, the specifics…..diet wise, I know I have attempted this before on a  number of occasions, but nothing has changed.  I still believe a whole foods, plant based diet (whole grains, fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and legumes…..avoiding oils and processed foods) is medically and lifestyle wise the BEST way of eating (there a HEAPS of books and medical journals out there to support this claim if you are interested!).  The only variations to this plan that I will be taking is that I am still going to drink coffee (the diet usually includes no stimulants) and race fuel (running specific food/drink).  Whilst in time I would like to get these things out of my diet, I don’t want to put too much stress and pressure on myself and still want to enjoy these things for the time being.

So, I am giving this lifestyle change another go!  In the past, I know I have under ate.  I know it is going to be super important to get in a large amount of clean calories during this program (primarily fruit) and will include them all in my daily blog for you to check out.  I know I am putting myself out there again, but I don’t care!  If we don’t make ourselves uncomfortable, try things, fail, try again, grow, learn, persist etc we will remain stagnate and generally just STINK!  Hay, I got dreads and run stupid amounts of k’s, I don’t need any extra stink in my life!

A lot to the time, I feel like a fake and a failure when talking about diet.  I seem to always have people come to me for advise and tips and whilst I know intellectually the answers and that my way of eating is probably healthier than 80% of the people out there, I want more.  I want to feel emotionally, consciously and physically that the advise I am giving out, I am following 100%.  I am here to up my game.  I am also, as a benefit to this program, aiming to get my weight under 70kg.  For all you non-runners out there, you probably don’t understand this and think it is super lean for me, but trust me, when you have to carry extra kilos over 10,15, 20hours of a race, it makes a MASSIVE difference.

Most of all though, the things I hope and pray to get out of this…. changes to my diet and lifestyle that will set me on a life of long term health, my ideal weight and clean fuel eating!  I want to get SUPER fit for Buffalo, encourage others, challenge myself, be brutally honest and answer any questions any of you might have.  I would also LOVE some of you to explore a vegan diet as a result of this.  I believe it is the BEST way to eat for your health, environment, fitness and the animals.  Non-violence.  If you have ANY questions, please contact me at grills_1@hotmail.com and I would love to help!  If you haven’t already, please also subscribe to my site (and encourage others to too!) on the left hand side of the front page.  Thanks!

So, Monday 19th of January, 2015 marks the start of this journey.  I will be preparing myself mentally to get into it and can’t wait to share this madness with y’all!  Thanks for following along and please share with anyone you think might benefit from reading this blog.  Much love…..

6 thoughts on “12 Weeks to Buffalo….”

  1. Hiya,

    Love the Blog !!
    Love the commitment !!
    Love the honesty !!

    I will be following and praying for a wonderful and amazing journey for you.

    Keep on running and shining my friend,


    1. Karin! As usual, thanks for your lovely words and positivity! It will surely be a challenge but one that I am super keen for! Bless your heart and thanks for being on my side!

  2. I love it! Its motivating to read and see the changes & your positivity! Its also cool to look at now youve written it all down and pin point whats effected your moods & what worked etc!

    Great job Mat!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Shanze and I am excited to be following your journey too! Remember, carb up on clean, whole foods and all will go awesome! Thanks for the kind words!

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