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I am a plant based athlete.  What does that mean?  Well, I fuel all my training, racing and adventures on whole grains, fruit, veges, legumes, nuts and seeds.  No meat and dairy products, or eggs. I do this for long term health first and foremost and performance second.  I believe all animals should be loved and respected, not abused and eaten.  I respect all peoples individual right to choice and this is mine.

I am passionate about all things health!

I believe plants have the power to heal and prevent nearly ALL Western disease.  They help you recover quicker, feel better than you ever have before and perform to a level you never thought possible.  Plants are medicine, premium fuel and the substance we are meant to eat.

As I think everyone does, I struggle to eat as healthy as I would like and I am on a constant quest to always improve what I put in my mouth.  Life is a journey, as is our health and I strive to make the path as beautiful as I can.

I band together with my plant based brothers and sisters in aiming to make new friends, friends, work colleagues, strangers and the planet better through a simple thing as what we eat.  It is simple friends, EAT MORE PLANTS!  WIN!

If you are interested in pursuing a plant based lifestyle, please feel free to contact me and I would love to offer any advise I can.  I am also willing to assist you coaching you through transitioning to a plant based lifestyle and in the mean time, losing weight.  You can also join the Facebook site a friend of mine, Joe and I set up Vegan Runners Australia.  You can also visit The Engine 2 Diet , Forks Over Knives and one of my inspirations Rich Roll ….there is about a thousand other resources out there but these are a few that might get you started!  Run on, Plant Strong friends!

NOTE – As most of you would know, I am a big advocate of smoothies to jam in a heap of goodness in one go, especially after training.  If any of you are interested in purchasing a good blender for a ripper price, please jump over to the Froothie website, check them out and then contact ME direct to make your purchase as I am a distributor for the company.  Blend on!

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