Career Thus Far…

Notable running achievements…

Numerous races under marathon distance.

First Marathon – Toowoomba 2007 – 4hrs 1min.

Nine Marathons in total including one completely barefoot.

Numerous races between 50k-100k.  50k PR – 4hr 41min at Flinders Tour 2013.

First 100k – The North Face 100 – 18hr 30min.

Two 100k + track runs at Relay for Life.

Prostate Cancer Fundraiser – Run Man Run – Bundaberg to Brisbane and back.  500k in 21days raising close to $25,000.

Five 100mile Glasshouse races – PR 19hrs 51min. 7th overall, 6th Male.

Coast 2 Kosci – 240k – 34hrs 14min. 18th position.

A 200mile self organised run from Bargara to the Sunshine Coast in 58hr 30min.

First Place at Buffalo Stampede Grand Slam – Three races in three days, 32.5km, 75km and 42k…..with over 9000m of elevation gain!

Ambassador for Down Under 135mile race.

Over 30 Ultramarathons in total.

After my first times...and my figure have changed!
After my first marathon….how times…and my figure have changed!

…..the journey continues!

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