2017 Blog…..

27/7 – Man, I know most people would think I am crazy but I am getting super pumped for this years Glasshouse 100miler!  The reason it might sound crazy is that I am only up to running 4k but stick with me here!

As most of you would know, I have had an injury which has put me out the longest time in my almost 10year running career.  It has been rough when all I have wanted to do is run, however it has helped me find a new love in the process, riding.  I am still pushing around my Trek commuter which is making my legs hella strong but still dream of one day getting my ideal bike, a Giant TCX SLR (sponsor anyone!?  Last years model would do!)  A guy can dream right!?

The riding has helped me maintain some level of fitness but the thing that has got me really excited is that in the last two weeks I really feel like my injury has turned the corner.  For the last fortnight I have been sticking to running every second day and increasing by 500m each run.  My pain has been like 1 out of 10 when only a month ago it was like 7-8 out of 10.  Come next week going forward (six weeks out from the race), I plan to ramp up my riding even more and continue to run every second day but increase by a km each run and see how that goes.  I am in a really good and continuing to improve head space preparing for the race in a completely un-conventional way for me by riding and running.  I think, coming back from injury that this is actually a really productive way to train and get fit whilst giving my legs and the injury the time it needs to recover between runs.  Its gonna be super rad to see what happens over the next month and a half.

Lastly, after last years race, I was hoping to shoot for top three this year.  Given the occurrences over the last three-four months, this isn’t a realistic goal anymore, however I will be going into the race with no expectation but to have a super fun day out and just take what the trails give me.  The best way to run!

Thanks to everyone for your support over the last couple months and helping me through this time.  You are all beautiful and have helped me slowly feel like myself again.  I hope and pray all these good vibes right back at y’all and hope to see you out amongst it super soon.  Much love.  Mat


20/7 – Im not 100% sure, but I think I missed a week in my blog?!  Not deliberately, I just totally forgot!  Sorry folks, but Im back.  It has been super nice getting a couple of emails from people who still actually read this.  A couple of fellas hoping to run Glasshouse 100, sharing their positive energy and struggles they are also going through.  It has been really heart warming getting these emails as it feels like I have been out of the race scene forever (not that long, just tough getting away with the shop and with injury but as soon as I am healed, that will all change!)  So, thanks Gordo and Nathan for taking the time to shoot me a message.

So, the last couple weeks.  I am REALLY happy to say that the injury seems to be turning the corner.  The last couple of short runs I have been on the pain has been maybe 2-3 out of 10.  This is a VAST improvement from the previous couple of months where it has been 7-8 out of 10.  I am still being cautious and only increasing my runs ever so gradually but I hope this is a turn for the better!  Will keep you posted!

As a pre-cautionary, I finally have a referral for a CT scan this afternoon.  At the very least, this will hopefully put me in the clear, or at worst give me a diagnosis as to what the issue it is.  At nearly four months since the injury, it will be a relief to have some sort of answer!  I just pray its a positive one.

Outside of running/training, all has been well.  The shop is coasting along and life is good.  I truly feel blessed to be in the position I am in and just can’t wait to top it off with a return to racing.  One step at a time.

Much love friends, have a rad week and looking forward to reporting back with some good news next week!


6/7 – It is almost four months since Downunder 135 and unfortunately I am still unable to run pain free.  I am still doing my best to remain positive and upbeat but it isn’t easy when I LOVE to run and I don’t have that outlet.  Again, on the upside, I am riding and enjoying that so its something.

Its strange, but recently, a chain of events/meeting someone from my past, has led me to ponder a few things about life.  One thing in particular is how important human movement, particularly running is to me and my wellbeing.  To most, I understand that this seems trivial but to me, it is super integral in my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  When this is essentially taken away, it makes it pretty rough trying to feel ‘normal’ in everyday life.

I am trying to keep perspective as I know in the big scheme of things, this is such a small issue, but at the same time, it is important to me.  The daily grind of training, being outside under my own power, training for something, the discipline, the endorphins, everything about it I love and cherish.  There is something about the struggle of keeping on moving forward, even when things get really rough that seem to, in some strange way, reflect life.

The un-knowingness of what I actually have is a little tough too.  I have been following my physio’s instruction but there is still that lingering thought in the back of my mind that something more sinister is damaged.  Who knows!?  All I can do is keep persevering, doing what I can and doing everything in my power to repair the injury.  Positivity, clean eating and listening to my body is integral.

I have dropped back a little in training this week and whilst I desperately want to do Glasshouse 100miler, it is going to be tough not having prepared the way I usually like to.  If I can get some running in, even a month out, I will still line up, with no expectation but to finish and see what happens!  You just never know your luck in an ultra.

All in all, I am doing my best to stay up beat, look forward with positivity and enjoy where I am and what I am doing presently.  Thats all I can do.  Thanks to everyone who has been asking questions, supporting me with kind words and always sharing the love.  It means the world to me, thank you!  I hope to have some good news for you on the running front soon but in the mean time, we will trudge on, in love and happiness.  Bless friends, have a rad week!  Mat


29/6 – Its funny….at the moment, I kind of feel like a cyclist!  I have been logging some decent time on the bike and I have actually really been enjoying it.  Who would have thought.  I did 3.5hrs yesterday and backed up with 2hrs today so I am starting to get some k’s up.  I will continue to increase this until my running is at a point where I can ramp that up.  Things on the injury front are still pretty tedious (and frustrating!) but I am doing as I am told so well see how it all pans out!  Glasshouse is just over 10 weeks away so time is a ticking!

On the running side I am trying to concentrate on form and good gait to ensure that I don’t do any damage or further injury.  It is slow going but it is going!

As a side point, I don’t think you would really call it training but every Wednesday we have been going down the park and slacklining with friends and meeting new people.  There is the occasional handstand and yoga antics too so it is good fun!  Certainly good for cross training.

Outside of these activities, all else is well.  I have had these mini waves of the flu but otherwise, all good.  I can not wait to get back to full running but for the time being, patience continues to be a virtue!  Happy week all, much love!


22/6 – This past Monday marked 12weeks out from Glasshouse 100!       Given that I am only running 1.5k at the moment (OMGosh!), this is a little concerning….accept for the fact that I am riding like a beast!  Ha!  I have been smashing out some good time in the saddle, however distance doesn’t really reflect the effort I am putting out due to the fact that I am on my Trek commuter.  I have really embraced it though and it is giving my legs a good working over so thats a real positive.  The last two days I have done five hours in the saddle and going to build from there so it is a good solid start.  I have been given the ok to slowly increase my running but it is going to be a process so well play that as it comes.

Life otherwise is going solid.  The shop is going great guns, Tegs is training again for another race and things are positive.  School holidays are coming again soon too so that will be some madness thrown in the mix for a couple weeks.  Good times.

I think the most important part of my training at the moment is staying positive.  At least I can ride and do something to get my heart pumping and keep my aerobic base up.  Ill continue to love the journey and the daily process and I know that before long, this injury will be gone and Ill be back running.  YES!  In the mean time, keep on trucking.  Hope y’all well, much love and Ill be back next week at it again!  Peace.


15/6 – Man, this injury has been a doozy!  I am still battling, however been able to get some solid k’s in on the bike which is better than nothing.  I went to see my physio again yesterday and I have been given the go ahead to start running…..VERY small amounts but better than nothing.  Basically it is a ‘try and see’ type set up but some progress is better than none right?!

This Monday marks 12weeks till Glasshouse 100miler!  This has me a little nervous as my training is going to be COMPLETELY different to previous years. No massive volume weeks (which makes me a bit sad) but mixing things up.   While I am building super slowly with running, I need to be doing decent time on the bike.  As my running increases, I will ease back on the bike but its going to be a real balancing act.  In a ‘glass half full’ kind of way, it will probably be a good thing as I wont be over taxing my legs.  Gotta look on the bight side of these things!  I am actually enjoying the bike at the moment so its all good times!  So the saying goes, onward and upward!

So, the next few months should be very interesting training wise.  For those interested, follow along on my Strava account and see what happens!  I am keen as a bean to start ripping in and getting back in shape.  Life is blessed and things are looking up!  Much love my friends.  Mat


6/6 – This week has seen a little adventure south for The Tattoo Runner!  The family and I ventured down to Yamba, NSW for my mums 60th.  It was a super nice time away sharing it with family and friends and also going on some fun adventures!  Most importantly, happy birthday to mum!

Unfortunately, I am still not running however seen a new physio who believes I may have a tendonopothy (or tendinitis, I always get confused between the two) in the tendon inserting into the right side of my pelvis.  This is good and bad.  If its not a hernia that will mean no surgery (I hope) however this type of injury can take a long time to heal so I have to be patient!  Insert frustrated face here!  I will do my best to do as I am told but it is not going to be easy!  I can still ride and walk so that is a plus!

Whilst in Yamba I went on some cool adventures scrambling on some cliffs, finding some beautiful hidden trails and tying to enjoy the cold weather!  I got to do a lot of this with the family too which made it all the more enjoyable.  I also ate super clean whilst down there too so that was a big bonus!

All this is a very slow build for GH100!  I have some big plans for the race this year provided I can get running soonish but am going to do the best I can on the bike and maybe some cross training.  In the meantime, if I can keep dropping some weight in prep to start running again this will be a massive advantage.  We are still about 14weeks out so I have a little time up my sleeve….only a little!  The clock is ticking!

All in all, things are positive, even though I am not running.  I need to keep looking ahead and finding a way to make fitness happen.  Its hard when we can’t do what we love but I will keep calm and carry on.  I trust this finds you all chipper, smiling and loving life!  Hope and pray you all have a rad week and well catch up same time, same channel next Wednesday!  Much love, Mat


31/5 – Well friends, it is the last day of Autumn and we are heading into Winter.  Not my most favourite time of year but it does have a few perks I guess!  I feel like the last month or more since being injured has been a little wasted, so, I am going to take the 1st of June, the start of a new season as a launchpad.  I have been wallowing around long enough, feeling sorry for myself because of my injury, it is time to do something about it.

This week I have continued to ride (that doesn’t seem to aggravate things) and try and be at least a bit active.  There hasn’t been a whole lot of focus but that is about to change.  Along with the start of winter, tomorrow is 100days out from Glasshouse 100miler.  For those who know me, this is a race near and dear to my heart.  I will again be lining up this year, injured or not, working toward my goal of ten consecutive finishes.  Audacious I know, but we gotta dream big right!?

So, although I can not run at the moment, I will be doubling down on my riding and diet, along with throwing in some other mixed training until I can run free again.  I have put on some weight since starting the shop and now things are in a good flow, its time to get on with business….the business of being lean, fit and fast (not that other ‘coffee’ business, that stuffs wild!)

As the next couple of weeks roll out, I will keep y’all in the loop but that is the basic plan.  It should be good, its not running but I have grown a little fond of the bike, today in particular, so well see how we go!

Lastly, but SURELY not in the least, I need to mention three lovely, inspiring ladies who all completed the Noosa Half Marathon this last weekend.  Meagan, who, three months ago had never run 5k without stopping, Kate, who had never really thought or dreamed of running a half marathon and Tegan who set an amazing time of 1hr 49min 57sec, a PB by far!  Well done girls, Im super proud of you all!

Ok peeps, I gotta roll!  A busy day ahead before heading off to Yamba tomorrow for a short holiday and Mum’s 60th.  Happy Birthday old girl!  Much love friends.  Mat


25/5- Gday friends!  I hope this finds you all rocking and running more than me at the moment!  Ha!  Winter is quickly approaching and the days at the moment are MAGIC!  We are truly blessed.  The warm days and cooler nights are pretty special thats for sure!

On the training front, things have not improved and no answers have been reached as far as my injury goes.  On the upside, I have been getting out for some bike riding which has at least got the heart pumping a bit.  Something is surely better than nothing!  I also went for a big walk today and had a few tiny runs in it and it wasn’t super bad.  Not right but a little better so well see how the next week progresses.  I have to stay positive, do what I can and keep looking forward.  The only way is up thats for sure!

Outside of this, the shop and family are going well.  Life is plugging along super nicely.  We feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate for the things that have been poured out on us.  Amazing!  This week I need to bring the nutrition back on track, keep doing as much training as I can and continue to try and build in the way I can, looking forward to Glasshouse 100.  Thanks for hanging in with me friends.  Much love and gratitude! Mat


17/5 – Well, unfortunately, another week has passed without me knowing any more or having any further answers to my injury woes.  I have been diligently walking an hour a day (well kind of limping too) but lets face the cold hard facts…..this isn’t helping my fitness at all or stopping me piling on the kilos!  Ugh!  I was hoping for a MRI referral today but the waiting continues….

So, as I have in the past, tomorrow, I am going to jump on the bike again and try and re-gain/maintain a little fitness.  It is not running, but it is better than walking that is for sure!  I am hoping this doesn’t aggravate my groin/whatever else down there injury further but I am sick of waiting.  It is the worst time of year to take up biking due to the cold, but hay, Ill just have to suck it up right?!  Onward and upward.

Apart from that, I have made a conscious decision to get my diet and lifestyle back in some order, focusing on clean vegan food, devotions, journaling, meditation and mindfulness.  I know that is a whole heap of hippy dippy stuff but hay, thats the way I roll!  Good times.  I am looking forward to leaning up, dropping the weight I have gained, gaining clarity, feeling light again and moving forward with positivity.  Many good times!

Anyway, the only way is forward and up my friends.  I am super excited and doing my best to stay positive so lets see how the next week pans out.  Much love all, keep rocking it!  Mat


10/5/17 – Man alive!  It has been a LONG time since I have thrown a blog up on here!  For those who don’t know, in December 2016 Tegan and I opened a specialty coffee shop, The Journey in Bargara QLD.  In the following four months, life was WILD!  Still kind of is!  So, sadly, this little blog got pushed to the wayside.

As I currently sit typing this, things are still super busy and there is a lot going on, but I am going to endeavour to blog weekly again, to regain some sense of normality in my running and writing life.

Through the opening months at the shop, I was able to train a little (on very little sleep) but not as I would have liked.  I had committed to being the ambassador for Downunder 135 however went into the race not fully prepared physically and more importantly, mentally.  I unfortunately dropped after 18hours however now know what to expect for next years saga!  I am not sure if it was during this event, but in the mean time I have developed some sort of groin injury which is currently being investigated.

So, it has been a crazy last few months.  As I said though, things are flowing nicely now and even though it is still hectic, it is time to get some regularity and routine back into my existence.  I am not running at present due to the injury but I hope to be able to still log some interesting musings through this blog.

Thank you all for your love an support and I look forward to checking back in regularly and keeping y’all in the loop as to what is happening in the world of the Grills.  Much love.

Live long, Run on, Plant strong