2017 Blog…..

25/5- Gday friends!  I hope this finds you all rocking and running more than me at the moment!  Ha!  Winter is quickly approaching and the days at the moment are MAGIC!  We are truly blessed.  The warm days and cooler nights are pretty special thats for sure!

On the training front, things have not improved and no answers have been reached as far as my injury goes.  On the upside, I have been getting out for some bike riding which has at least got the heart pumping a bit.  Something is surely better than nothing!  I also went for a big walk today and had a few tiny runs in it and it wasn’t super bad.  Not right but a little better so well see how the next week progresses.  I have to stay positive, do what I can and keep looking forward.  The only way is up thats for sure!

Outside of this, the shop and family are going well.  Life is plugging along super nicely.  We feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate for the things that have been poured out on us.  Amazing!  This week I need to bring the nutrition back on track, keep doing as much training as I can and continue to try and build in the way I can, looking forward to Glasshouse 100.  Thanks for hanging in with me friends.  Much love and gratitude! Mat


17/5 – Well, unfortunately, another week has passed without me knowing any more or having any further answers to my injury woes.  I have been diligently walking an hour a day (well kind of limping too) but lets face the cold hard facts…..this isn’t helping my fitness at all or stopping me piling on the kilos!  Ugh!  I was hoping for a MRI referral today but the waiting continues….

So, as I have in the past, tomorrow, I am going to jump on the bike again and try and re-gain/maintain a little fitness.  It is not running, but it is better than walking that is for sure!  I am hoping this doesn’t aggravate my groin/whatever else down there injury further but I am sick of waiting.  It is the worst time of year to take up biking due to the cold, but hay, Ill just have to suck it up right?!  Onward and upward.

Apart from that, I have made a conscious decision to get my diet and lifestyle back in some order, focusing on clean vegan food, devotions, journaling, meditation and mindfulness.  I know that is a whole heap of hippy dippy stuff but hay, thats the way I roll!  Good times.  I am looking forward to leaning up, dropping the weight I have gained, gaining clarity, feeling light again and moving forward with positivity.  Many good times!

Anyway, the only way is forward and up my friends.  I am super excited and doing my best to stay positive so lets see how the next week pans out.  Much love all, keep rocking it!  Mat


10/5/17 – Man alive!  It has been a LONG time since I have thrown a blog up on here!  For those who don’t know, in December 2016 Tegan and I opened a specialty coffee shop, The Journey in Bargara QLD.  In the following four months, life was WILD!  Still kind of is!  So, sadly, this little blog got pushed to the wayside.

As I currently sit typing this, things are still super busy and there is a lot going on, but I am going to endeavour to blog weekly again, to regain some sense of normality in my running and writing life.

Through the opening months at the shop, I was able to train a little (on very little sleep) but not as I would have liked.  I had committed to being the ambassador for Downunder 135 however went into the race not fully prepared physically and more importantly, mentally.  I unfortunately dropped after 18hours however now know what to expect for next years saga!  I am not sure if it was during this event, but in the mean time I have developed some sort of groin injury which is currently being investigated.

So, it has been a crazy last few months.  As I said though, things are flowing nicely now and even though it is still hectic, it is time to get some regularity and routine back into my existence.  I am not running at present due to the injury but I hope to be able to still log some interesting musings through this blog.

Thank you all for your love an support and I look forward to checking back in regularly and keeping y’all in the loop as to what is happening in the world of the Grills.  Much love.

Live long, Run on, Plant strong